Iron Hound Saber Starlight Skin: A Feat of Futuristic Design

From warrior to futuristic beast.

The wait is over! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has just announced the arrival of its latest Starlight skin – Iron Hound Saber. This skin will allow players to hunt down their enemies with style and finesse.

Fierce and Futuristic Design

From the moment you set your eyes on Iron Hound Saber, you’ll see that he’s a force to be reckoned with. His signature white hair remains, but now it’s paired with a Hound-shaped helmet that shines a bright red light. This design is completed with a jetpack and holograms, giving him an ultra-futuristic look.

Dark Energy Swords

Iron Hound Saber Swords Effect

The highlight of this skin has to be Iron Hound Saber’s two dark energy swords, which blend the worlds of technology and magic. Their sharp blades and intricate carvings are sure to make a lasting impression on your enemies.

Trailblazing Skills

Iron Hound Saber Trailblazing Effect
Credit: Moonton

Iron Hound Saber’s skills leave an orange trail in their wake, amplifying the high-tech vibe. Whether you’re using his Orbiting Swords, Charge, or Triple Sweep, your enemies will be left in awe of your moves.

Alternate Variant

Iron Hound Saber Two Variant
Credit: Moonton

For those who like to mix things up, Iron Hound Saber offers an alternate variant of the skin, which features an orange and light blue tint. Additionally, players who purchase the Starlight skin will have the chance to obtain an exclusive sacred statue and trail effect in the rewards section.

Get Yours Today

The Iron Hound Saber Starlight Skin will be available in the Starlight section tab on February 1 and will cost 300 diamonds. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this skin is a must-have for any Mobile Legends collection. So gather your diamonds and get ready to unleash the hound within.

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