Little Witch in the Woods – A Journey Through the Mystical Forest


Step into the world of magic and mystery with Little Witch in the Woods. The game tells the story of Ellie, an apprentice witch, and her journey through the enchanted forest. Follow her as she experiences the daily life of a witch and helps the charming residents along the way.

A Day in A Life of an Apprentice

In the world of “LUCEREIN ORTU”, witches live together in Witch Houses spread across various areas. Ellie, like all other apprentices, must go to one of these Witch Houses and help the nearby village and its inhabitants. As she completes her tasks, Ellie will become a skilled witch, ready to take on the world.

Various Stories to Unfold

As Ellie, it’s up to you to progress through the story and complete your apprenticeship. Put your lessons from Witch School to the test, make a positive impact on the world, and make friends with the residents of the village. Uncover their secrets as you delve deeper into their stories and form bonds.

Activities & Exploration

Await Collect and process materials to brew magical potions and solve problems. Explore the mystical world, discover unique areas, and interact with charming creatures along the way. Keep a record of your adventures in your witch’s book and find hidden places for special items and shortcuts.

Leisurely Daily Life

Take a break from your adventures and chat with new friends. Impress them with gifts that suit their tastes, and forge closer relationships. Cats are an integral part of a witch’s life, and Ellie is no exception. Communicate with cats living in various places, each with their distinct personalities. If you’re lucky, you might even find a feline friend who wants to spend every day with you. End your day with a peaceful fishing trip, relaxing and replenishing your energy for the next day’s adventures.

In Little Witch in the Woods, the possibilities are endless. Join Ellie on her journey and experience the magic of the enchanted forest.

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