Minotaur ML Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem, Strategy Guide


Minotaur, originally named Asterion, was the firstborn of all Minos in the Minoan Kingdom. He is the most powerful and talented Mino in the kingdom who can knock up enemies through powerful shockwaves.

This article will teach you how to use Minotaur MLBB, the best item build, battle spell, emblem, and strategy in this current patch.

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How to use Minotaur ML Skills


Passive: Rage Mode

Minotaur charges his Rage energy whenever he hits an enemy with a basic attack or skill. He will enter Rage State once the energy is full, gaining Physical and Magic defence and resetting his cooldowns.

First Skill: Despair Stomp 

Minotaur jumps toward a direction, dealing Physical Damage and slow effect.

Second Skill: Motivation Roar

Minotaur growls loudly healing his allies and himself. It will also enhance Minotaur’s basic attack.

Ultimate: Minoan Fury

Minotaur smashes the ground three times, causing an earthquake-like effect, knocking the enemies airborne and slowing them down.

Best Minotaur ML Build 2024

Tank Build

  • Warrior Boots
  • Dominance Ice
  • Oracle
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Guardian Helmet
  • Radiant Armor

Spare Equipment:

  • Antique Cuirass
  • Athena’s Shield

Note: The shoes will always depend on your liking and the situation.

Minotaur ML Build

Best New Emblem Set Build for Minotaur

Custom Support Emblem

The best emblem to use for Minotaur is the Custom Support Emblem.

  • Agility – Gain 5% movement speed.
  • Pull Yourself Together – Cooldown of battle spells and equipment’s active skills are reduced by 15%.
  • Brave Smite – Dealing skill damage to an enemy restores 5% max HP.

Custom Tank Emblem

  • Inspire – Gain 5% extra cooldown reduction.
  • Tenacity – Gain 6% spell vamp. Each hero kills or assists grants an additional 0.5% spell vamp, up to six stacks.
  • Concussive Blast – Dealing damage with skills deals an extra adaptive damage (scales with level) and restores 2% mana on hit. If the hero does not use mana, restores 1% HP instead.

Best Battle Spell for Minotaur


Use Flicker for an easy surprise ultimate set-up.

rafaela ml battle spell


Use Aegis for an extra shield if you’re fighting against a lot of burst-damage heroes.

rafaela ml battle spell

Minotaur Gameplay Tips and Strategy

In the early game, go with your core to secure all the buffs and jungle creeps. In the first wave of jungle rotation, once your core reaches level 4, you can slightly visit other lanes to soak some XP and help lanes at a disadvantage. Try to harass the enemies using the first skill to slow them down and enhance your basic attack for extra damage.

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Once you reach level 4, you can start initiating clashes and picking off valuable kills. When using your ultimate, hiding in the bush and surprise flicker dive is the best initiation that you can do. Always ensure your rage bar is at a full bar so you can get the maximum damage out of it and only use it on the enemy’s core for burst potential.


Given that Minotaur is a tank with a high AOE ultimate range and a good amount of slow effect, he is highly reliant on his Rage State ability before he can use his Ultimate. Ensuring you’re in full rage mode before setting up a clash is a must.

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