Thamuz ML Build: Best Item, Combo, Emblem, Strategy Guide

I walk this scorched earth.

Thamuz, the Lord of the Abyss, is a relentless fighter in Mobile Legends known for his scorching strength and incredible sustain. He specializes in dishing out consistent burning damage while healing himself in the heat of battle. Thamuz’s power lies in his ability to dominate the exp lane and become a nearly unstoppable force in both team fights and duels. If you enjoy an aggressive, high-sustain fighter capable of turning the tide of a match, Thamuz is the hero for you.

In this guide, we’ll break down the best Thamuz ML build, effective combos, optimal emblem choices, and strategic tips to help you master this fiery demon.

Thamuz ML Skills

Passive: Grand Lord Lava

Thamuz conjures a burst of lava beneath the target and erupts, dealing True Damage. He also gains movement speed and enhances his basic attack after receiving his Scythes.

First Skill: Molten Scythes

Thamuz hurls his scythes in a designated direction that deals Physical Damage and slows down enemies.

Second Skill: Chasm Trample

Thamuz leaps in a designated direction, gaining him extra Physical Damage, slowing down enemies and retrieving his Scythes instantly upon landing.

Ultimate: Cauterant Inferno

Thamuz releases the lava in his body, dealing Physical damage to nearby enemies. He will also gain 3% of his maximum HP and restore HP each time he deals damage with Basic Attacks or his Scythes.

Thamuz ML Combo

Always activate the enhanced basic attack by throwing your Scythe and retrieving it.

Combo: Skill 1 → Skill 2 → Basic ATK → Skill 1 → Skill 1 → Basic ATK → Skill 2 → ULT

Thamuz ML Build

Thamuz ML Build

This Thamuz build focuses on turning him into an unkillable force. Warrior Boots and Radiant Armor boost his physical and magic defence, making him tankier in team fights. Corrosion Scythe and Golden Staff increase his damage output and attack speed, giving him a presence in fights. Dominance Ice helps him slow down enemy attackers while reducing their damage. Finally, Immortality gives him a chance to re-enter the fight even if he gets taken down. This build prioritizes survivability, but offers enough damage output to make him a well-rounded threat on the battlefield.

Best Thamuz Item Build in Mobile Legends

  • Warrior Boots
  • Corrosion Scythe
  • Dominance Ice
  • Golden Staff
  • Radiant Armor
  • Immortality

Custom Fighter Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Fighter Emblem, here’s the recommended talent distribution:

  • Swift – Gain 10% extra Attack Speed.
  • Festival Blood – Gain 6% Spell Vamp. Each hero kills or assists grants an additional 0.5% Spell Vamp, up to 8 stacks.
  • Quantum Charge – Dealing damage with a basic attack increases movement speed and restores HP.

This emblem build focuses heavily on maximizing Thamuz’s core strength: his insane sustain. Swift increases his attack speed, letting him trigger his healing effects more frequently. Festival of Blood provides a powerful spell vamp, letting him regenerate health each time he damages enemies with his abilities. Quantum Charge adds movement speed to help him chase down enemies and additional health regeneration for even more sustain. This build is all about turning Thamuz into an unstoppable force that simply refuses to die.

Thamuz Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Laning Phase

In the laning stage, you can easily dominate your enemy by consistently throwing your Scythes and recouping them to deal massive damage. When laning with a fighter or marksman, buy Leather Jerkin to get additional Physical Defense for your first item; get Magic Resist when laning with a Mage.


When the turtle is about to spawn, rotate immediately to help the core secure it, especially if it’s near your lane. You can help ensure it by checking and throwing your Skill 1 in the bushes to zone out enemies. This turtle buff would be a significant advantage for you in the laning phase to keep harassing your enemy and potentially get the tower.

One of the best things about his passive skill is the true damage effect it inflicts on towers. After destroying the enemy’s EXP tower, you can now start rotating to help in pushing lanes and win the game.


  • Always throw your Scythes and retrieve them to enhance your basic ATK damage.
  • After using Skill 1, use Skill 2 to reset the cooldown of your Skill 1 immediately.


Vengeance is the ideal battle spell for Thamuz because it directly complements his aggressive, in-the-fray playstyle. Activating Vengeance gives Thamuz a shield that lets him soak up more damage while dishing out his own, making him even harder to bring down. Additionally, Vengeance adds some area damage to help with minion waves and provides a bit of disruptive crowd control in team fights. While some other spells have their uses, Vengeance offers a balance of offence, defence, and utility that empowers Thamuz’s core strengths.


In this guide, you’ve learned the best Thamuz ML build, combos, emblems, and strategies to maximize his fiery potential. Remember, Thamuz rewards patient players who understand his limits. While he’s hard to kill, he can be overwhelmed if you overextend or try to take on too many enemies at once.

After all, remember that Thamuz doesn’t scale too much in the late game, especially when there’s too much crowd-control enemy hero. When you have the chance to end the game in the early to mid-game, do it, or else there’s a high probability that you will lose the game.

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