Irithel ML Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem, Strategy Guide


Irithel was an abandoned child that a mother of lil’ smilodon, adopted. She grew up like an animal with her brotherly friend named Leo. Ever since, she’s known as the Queen of the Jungle, hunting the night with her sabre-toothed cat and a crossbow.

With this current patch (1.6.84), she got revamped, where she doesn’t have a mana pool anymore; instead, they replaced it with energy. She will gain energy while moving and extra bolt damage from her passive when her energy is full.

This article will teach you how to use Irithel MLBB, the best item build, battle spell, emblem, and strategy in this current patch.

How to use Irithel ML Skills

Passive: Jungle Heart

Irithel can shoot basic attacks even while moving. She can shoot 2 heavy bolts at a time.

First Skill: Strafe

Irithel releases a round of arrows dealing Physical Damage and reducing the enemy’s Physical Defence.

Second Skill: Force of the Queen

Leo growls harshly, dealing Physical damage and slowing nearby enemies’ movement speed.

Ultimate: Heavy Crossbow

Leo leaps toward a direction, equipping Irithel’s heavy crossbow with massive Physical Damage. It also increases her movement speed by 30, which lasts for 15 seconds.

Irithel ML Combo

Draw immense crit damage to enemy heroes with this basic combo.

Skill 2 → Basic ATK → Skill 1 → Basic ATK → ULT → Inspire → Basic ATK

Best Irithel ML Build 2024

Assassin Build

  • Swift Boots
  • Windtalker
  • Berserker’s Fury
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair

Spare Equipment:

  • Wind of Nature
  • Demon Hunter Sword
irithel build

Best Emblem for Irithel

Marksman Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Marksman Emblem, here’s the recommended sub-talent point distribution:

+ 3 points on Bravery – it will increase your Physical ATK by 27.

+ 3 points on Doom – it will increase your Crit LVL by 28.

Choose Weakness Finder for your Talent.

Best Battle Spell for Irithel


Use Inspire to increase basic attack speed and restore HP.


Use Purify to dispel any lockdown or stuns from crowd control heroes.

Irithel Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Early Game

Getting as much gold as you can in the laning stage is very important. You can do this by spamming your First Skill and carefully securing all the creeps kill. If you’re getting poked or rid of the lane, you can head over to the small camp and get the hermit crab. When doing this early rotation in the early game, you always check the mini-map to avoid possible gank and getting killed.

Mid-Late Game

In this phase, it will now all boil down to positioning. You need to be very wary of your position to avoid getting caught by an assassin or burst damage heroes. As the team’s primary damage dealer, always wait for the tank or offlane to initiate before you show up in the fight.


Irithel is a heavy item-dependent hero. She’s an absolute beast because of her insane amount of Physical Damage making her unstoppable in the late game. Getting the right momentum in farming and items is essential if you want to dominate and win with her.

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