Chou Echo Skin: How to buy, price, release date


The Land of Dawn is about to get a new skin, and this one is dressed to impress. Chou, the agile and deadly fighter, is getting a new skin called “ECHO” to celebrate ECHO’s recent victory at the M4 World Championship.

The new skin, called “Echo,” is inspired by ECHO’s team colours of blue and white. Chou’s outfit is now decked out in these colours, and he even has a dolphin swimming around him when he uses his ultimate skill.

But the skin isn’t just about looks. It also comes with a number of new skill effects that are sure to impress your enemies.

If you’re a fan of Chou or Yawi, then you’ll definitely want to check out and buy the Echo Skin. It’s sure to turn heads in the Land of Dawn.

How to preorder the Chou Echo Skin

The Presale Event has two parts: Presale and Sale.

Presale Phase: To join the presale phase, you can do tasks and buy special cards using Diamonds. These cards are like tickets for the new skin.

  • You can spend 20 Diamonds for a 3-day card (Pre-order) or 40 Diamonds for a 7-day card (Pre-order+).
  • When the Sale Phase begins, you’ll get a discount on the original price of the skin. This discount is double the Diamonds you spent in the presale phase.

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Tasks and Friends: You can complete tasks and ask friends for help to get more Diamond discounts on the skin.

  • You can ask up to 5 friends for help, and each successful help will take off 5 Diamonds from the original price.
  • You can also help your friends, up to 5 friends, and each successful help will take off 1 Diamond.

Extra Benefits: If you pre-ordered the skin, you can spend 20 more Diamonds to get another 3-day card and an extra 40-Diamond discount on the original price.

Rewards: During the presale phase, you can win cool rewards based on the total Diamond discounts you got.

Tap on the “Help Deduction” tab to Ask for Help

Chou Echo Skin Release Date

The Echo skin will be available for pre-sale starting on August 14 and will be released on August 21. During the pre-sale period, you can purchase the skin for a discounted price of 629 diamonds. After the pre-sale, the skin will be available for purchase at its regular price of 899 diamonds.

How to buy Chou Echo Skin

Open your Mobile Legends account, go to Shop, tap on the Skins tab, and look for the Chou skin.

Make sure you have enough diamonds in your Mobile Legends account to buy the Chou Echo Skin. The normal price is 899 diamonds, but if you’ve joined the Presale Event, you can get it for a lower price, as low as 499 diamonds.

So don’t forget to buy diamonds at your favourite top-up shop.

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