Easy Red 2: WW2 On A Budget


Released last month, Easy Red 2 offers a budget alternative to past WW2 simulators. Available for just £4.99(328PHP) on Steam, buyers receive an in-depth experience of key theatres from humanity’s greatest conflict, ranging from the invasion of Italy to war in the Pacific. With battlefields mapped out in faithful detail, this depiction of WW2 ought to be more immersive than previous titles…

The Premise

Essentially, Easy Red 2 targets an audience who prefer wargames steeped in historical realism, rather than tired cliches about gratuitously evil Nazis, and the joy of killing them. To this end, developer Marco Amadei has shifted focus towards more sequential gameplay, with open-world conflict shifting gradually and seamlessly across the theatre of battle as gameplay progresses. Indeed, Easy Red 2’s Steam page exalts the Italian front as an example of where this notion will be tested; from the landing grounds of Sicily, all the way to Montecassino, players are immersed in the Allied advance in real-time. 

Of course, this being a budget-end title, there are limits to this promise. Though providing a historically reliable image of simulated battlefields, the graphics are of more middling quality, lacking the resolution of many other titles with a first-person element. However, to criticise developers for this drawback would be somewhat unfair; Easy Red 2 hasn’t been designed to compete with mass-market series with occasional historical themes, such as Call of Duty. Rather, Marco Amadei’s more limited resources have been deliberately honed to appeal to the more indie support base mentioned above; the chief marker by which it should be judged is its success in reaching that audience.

Key Features

Where in-game features are concerned, Easy Red 2 is a somewhat unusual title; both first and third-person elements are blended together, giving the gameplay a more immersive feel. Controlling one of a range of soldier types (e.g. Medic, radio operator, squad leader), you’ll need to do your job with distinction, to ensure your wider team meets its battlefield objectives. These objectives will range in importance; a primary objective, like capturing a set area, will be complemented by several secondary ones, such as taking out a set installation hindering your forces’ advance. Either way, without your full cooperation, you comrades will have little chance of success…

Furthermore, players will have full control over armoured vehicle crews, driving forwards and firing on enemies to assist the general advance. However, not all tanks will survive battle; if one tank is knocked out, players will need to assist a crew in escaping its remains and returning to your lines without loss of life. Lastly, These vehicles will faithfully reflect those fielded in WW2, with Panzer 4’s, Sherman’s, and several others animated to a high degree of historical accuracy.

Finally, as in real conflict, your enemy won’t let you win without a fight. Enemy attacks will be constant and ferocious; you’ll need to learn how best to avoid them whilst maintaining a steady advance.


Overall, Easy Red 2 seems to offer a quality budget alternative to mainstream war and strategy games. Despite it’s more basic graphics, it’s a general commitment to historical accuracy should provide a fairly immersive experience of our greatest conflict.

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