[Hero Review 2018] Harith in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


A newly released furry-cat boy mage Harith is now available in Mobile Legends.

Who is Harith?

Harith is a time-traveller mage with the speciality of charge and burst. A mage with CD-related skills with a dash. Insane, right?

This cute furry boy is super OP. He is capable of jumping to different locations like a cat and you will find him dominating the battlefield. Meow!


Key Insight(Passive)

One of the problems with mages is their squishiness.

Once they’re stunned or cc’ed they can’t do anything but die. Harith has an amazing passive. The more enemy heroes around you, the shorter stun/cc duration for you. The more enemy he’s fighting the less effective, the stuns and slows are against him because of Resilience.

Suppose, Moskov stunned Harith for 2 seconds, his passive will automatically reduce that 2 seconds down to 1.4 seconds stun duration. I think this passive skill is best partnered with an Aegis battle spell, it will be enough to keep you alive in a clash or being ganked, just in case you’re that heedless of enemies rotation.

Synchro Fission

Harith’s main source of magic damage and it’s an AOE.

It’s a linear skill that you have to make sure enemy is in the centre of two blades to deal a massive bonus damage. This is Harith’s main skill for clearing waves and dealing area damage in team fights though it’s not as fast as Vexena’s clearing waves ability but this skill isn’t so bad that you can spam it a lot as long as you’ve got mana to back it up.

Chrono Dash

This 2nd skill is what makes Harith an OP mobility mage. They put a bunch of effect in one skill: dash skill/shield/enhance basic attack/slow cc.

Sure, there’s Harley but I don’t think he has the same mobility skills as Harith’s do. This skill is so over-powered that whenever you use this skill and dash to a near enemy hero you gain a shield for quick second and your next basic attack will deal bonus damage, slow down the movement of the enemy, and reduce the cooldown of this same skill by 4 seconds, so you can use it again and get the OP effects once again and attack the enemy again to reset it again and again and again. Crazy, right?!

However, you can’t spam this skill because it has a 10-second cooldown at all levels but if you really want to take advantage of this skill and to have a nearly unli dash; you should be considering building cooldown reduction items like Fleeting time.

Remember that 40% is the maximum cooldown reduction for any hero. So let’s say you already have CD reduction item then this skill will only have 6-seconds cooldown plus when you hit an enemy it will reduce again to 4 seconds, so the total cooldown of this skill will be 2 seconds only!

Zaman Force

Harith cast a sword-like shape on the ground and any enemy hero caught inside it will be snared for a split second and whoever stays in that area will continuously slow their movement speed.

Furthermore, summoning this ult will immediately reset your Chrono Dash CD so you can use it immediately after your ULT. Dashing inside your ULT or while you’re stepping in the sword-like shape you will reduce the cooldown of your Syncro Fission by 1 second and your Chrono Dash by 4 seconds. Nuke the enemy all you want!


Should you buy this furry lil boy?

Totally, YES!

I bought Harith this morning, and he’s excellent in any lanes, and not bad in team fights. He’s not as complicated as I thought he could be.

BUT – If you’re new to Mobile Legends or still working on your skills, I recommend not buying Harith yet. Harith needs intensive expertise in aiming and skill shots especially using skill 1 properly so you can get the maximum burst damage to your enemy. And if you fail to land your ULT to your enemy, you will not be able to take advantage of the cooldown reset of your Chrono Dash. All of these come down to aiming.

Disclaimer: This blog will just give you tips that might help you get familiar with Harith when you first play him or decide if this furry lil boy is worth your hard-earned gold points. This is NOT a full hero guide for Harith.


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