How to Become Top Marksman in Mobile Legends


Marksman plays a crucial role in Mobile Legends. They provide the team with consistent damage from a safe distance. A skilled marksman can significantly influence the outcome of a match, taking down enemies and helping secure important objectives.

This guide will help you become a top-tier marksman. We’ll cover the basics of good positioning, how to earn gold efficiently, and the best item choices for different situations. By understanding these key concepts, you’ll develop the skills needed to excel as a marksman and lead your team to victory.

So, what steps do you need to take to become the top Marksman you can be?

Know your character

Figuring out your favourite marksman is key. Each one feels different to play, and that’s part of the fun! Some, like Layla, are straightforward with their long-range but limited movement. Others, like Wanwan and Melissa, take more practice to master their tricky skills but can be super rewarding. Understanding these differences lets you pick the marksman that fits your playstyle best.

Do you like the steady damage output, or do you want those flashy plays that require precise timing? The more you know about your marksman, the better you’ll be able to use them to their full potential.

Don’t forget your daily rewards

You get two daily free chests every time you log in. These chests will refill over 4 hours. The chests give you experience, battle points (BP), hero tickets, emblems, and magic dust. All of these are very useful to upgrade your Marksman and advance in the game.

There are also Medal Chests which give you more rewards. On average, two wins will allow you to open such a chest. You can find premium skin fragments. When you collect 100 of these you can buy a premium skin for your hero.

Farming is the key to a good start

You’re only focused when you start the game should be farming. Farming is killing minions on the lane and getting gold from them. More gold can be a great advantage in defeating opponents.

It isn’t about solely using a basic attack. You need to watch each minion’s health and get the final hit. You don’t get any gold if you miss the final hit.

This skill is known as the Last Hitting. When you can predict the damage you can inflict on your team and inflict it when the opposing minion has enough health for you to kill it with the hit. When you first start playing, it is crucial to spend time practising this skill.

This should be your sole focus until you reach level 3 or 4. Then it is a good time to start attacking other players.

Protecting and fighting your lane

Once you reach level 4, you should have enough unlocked abilities and items in your arsenal to cause serious damage to other players.

Tips to remember when fighting on the lane:

  • Use basic attacks and abilities when the enemy is in range.
  • Stay behind your minions. That way they absorb the damage from the enemies’ minions.
  • Don’t chase too far. You have two options: either they will come back or abandon, and you can keep up with farming.
  • Don’t forget farming! Hitting minions with the last hit keeps you levelling up and farming gold.
  • Focus your attack on the enemies’ Marksman first.
  • Kiting involves attacking your enemy while running away. A Marksman has range, allowing you to still attack whilst you run backwards. So, learn to kite.

Time to attack turrets

Once you have killed a few enemies in your lane you should have an advantage. So, start focusing on taking down the turret.

Wait until you have killed an enemy in your lane, attack the tower to destroy it. Once it has been destroyed you can move to other lanes. Then you can move on to the next one or come back at a later time.

This is a great time to make allies and destroy turrets with teamwork. Work with your allies to destroy more turrets. This will give you more advantages over time. You take more kills and destroy more turrets.

You will soon be in the enemy base, ready to win the game.

Things to remember when becoming a top Marksman

Here are a few things you need to remember to become the best Marksman you can be:

  • ALWAYS stand behind your minions. Use your range to your advantage.
  • Use your range to quickly damage and take down foes. Engage your team in team fights.
  • During the early stages, keep an eye on the river leading to your lane. Enemy Junglers could attack at any point. Known as Ganking, it is the main objective of a Jungler. However, there is a way to counter Gank: Always keep an eye on the river and play near a tower when you’re alone on your lane.
  • Focus on killing the one who deals the most damage first in team fights. Destroy Marksman and Assassins before focusing your efforts on tanks.

Becoming a top marksman in Mobile Legends isn’t about overnight success. It takes hard work, thoughtful practice, and a willingness to learn and adjust. By understanding hero strengths, mastering positioning, and refining your build strategies, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the battlefield as a fearsome marksman.

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