Let’s School: Where Education Meets Strategy and Fun


Let’s School is an upcoming school management game developed by Pathea Games, the same studio that created the popular life simulation game My Time at Portia. Let’s School is scheduled to be released on July 27, 2023, on Steam.

In Let’s School, you take on the role of a headmaster tasked with the challenge of reviving your alma mater. You will need to build a revitalized and stylish school, train teachers, recruit top students, run extracurricular clubs, and more.

Let’s School Core Mechanics

The game features two core mechanics:

  • School construction and design: You will need to build a school that meets the needs of your students and teachers. This includes everything from classrooms and dormitories to sports facilities and playgrounds. You will need to consider the size of your school, the layout of the campus, and the amenities that are important to your students and teachers.
  • Student and teacher management: You will need to manage the dynamics of your student body and faculty. This includes everything from academic performance to discipline to extracurricular activities. You will need to keep track of your student’s progress, resolve conflicts between students, and ensure that your teachers are meeting the needs of their students.

Let’s School Challenging Gameplay

Let’s School is a challenging game that will test your skills as a school manager. You will need to make tough decisions that will have a major impact on the future of your school. Will you focus on academic excellence, or will you focus on extracurricular activities? Will you enforce strict discipline, or will you allow students more freedom? The choices you make will shape the future of your school, and you will have to live with the consequences.

Immersive Experience

Let’s School is an immersive experience that will transport you to the world of school management. You will get to know your students and teachers on a personal level, and you will feel the pressure of making decisions that will affect their lives. The game’s visuals are also stunning, and the low-poly art style perfectly captures the atmosphere of a school.


In addition to the core mechanics of school construction and management, it also features a number of other features, including:

  • A wide variety of customization options: You will be able to customize your school’s appearance, curriculum, and extracurricular activities.
  • A dynamic student body: Your students will have their own unique personalities and interests. You will need to keep them engaged and motivated in order to achieve success.
  • A challenging and rewarding gameplay experience: Let’s School is a game that will challenge you both mentally and emotionally. But if you are successful, you will be rewarded with the satisfaction of seeing your school thrive.

Let’s School is an upcoming school management game that is sure to challenge and entertain players of all ages. With its immersive gameplay and stunning visuals, Let’s School is a game that you won’t want to miss.

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