Mind Over Magic is a School-Management Sim with a Magical Twist

The only spellbook you need? Your 'Mind'.

Sparkypants’ Mind Over Magic offers a unique blend of base-building, resource management, and exploration in a magical school setting.

Mind Over Magic allows you to design your dream academy from scratch. Dormitories, classrooms, potion labs, even a Quidditch pitch (figuratively speaking) – the possibilities are endless. Plan your layout, prioritize needs, and remember, happy students are learning students. Keep them fed, entertained, and maybe even throw in a ghost choir for good measure.

Your students aren’t your average teenagers. Each student has their own personality, quirks, and, of course, magical potential. You can guide them through diverse classes, ensure their meals are (hopefully) non-explosive, and maybe even deal with the occasional existential crisis after a particularly challenging potion lesson.

Mind Over Magic Overview

The real magic (and danger) lies beneath your manicured lawns. The Underschool, a labyrinthine realm swarming with monsters and arcane secrets, awaits your students’ final test. Prepare them with potent spells, enchanted gear, and a healthy dose of courage – they’ll need it to face the lurking horrors and defy the odds.

While building and resource management are key, Mind Over Magic offers more than just logistics. Uncovering the mysteries of the Underschool, discover powerful artifacts, and witness the growth of your students’ magical potential. Be their mentor, their protector, and maybe even their therapist when things go awry (accidental dragon summoning, anyone?).

For fans of simulation and resource management games who enjoy a touch of the fantastical, Mind Over Magic offers a promising experience with its unique blend of magical school building and perilous exploration. Just keep in mind the Early Access development stage and be prepared for potential rough edges along the way.

Mind Over Magic is still in the Early Access Game, and you can get it on Steam.

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