A teased trademark Pokémon TCG expansion – The Glory of Team Rocket!

Team Rocket is back!
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It won’t be long, Team Rocket’s on the loose yet again!

The logo of the Team Rocket TCG set, the red capital 'R' is a common theme visible amongst the Team members.
The logo of the Team Rocket TCG set, the red capital ‘R’ is a common theme visible amongst the Team members.

What is The Glory of Team Rocket Pokémon TCG expansion set?

Prepare for trouble! And make it double! Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight!


That’s right!

Are you ready? A new trademark has been filed by Pokémon Japan for a potential new Japanese Team Rocket themed set that will at some stage officially release!

Certainly we all know as fans what this means when they trademark or copyright any name like this one we eventually will see a trading card game set release with the trademarked name. 

Lastly, We don’t know what cards are in the set or what products will be available as of yet, however even with very little details thus far for this exciting news, what are we going to see?  Let’s celebrate the upcoming release of Scarlet and Violet – The Glory of Team Rocket! On top of that, his reintroduces collectors, players and a brand new generation of Pokémon lovers to the dastardly Team Rocket and their nefarious ways of obtaining Pokémon for their own selfish pursuits!

An original first edition Team Rocket sealed booster pack released by Wizards of the Coast, featuring the iconic motto reciters Jessie and James.

Why The Glory of Team Rocket is such a big announcement

Firstly, years ago we saw two Team Rocket themed sets hit the TCG by storm! The first was Team Rocket (Rocket Gang in Japanese) the fifth main expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Considered by many of the hobby to be a vintage classic! What do you make of this Pokémon TCG set? Obviously they included Dark Pokémon, evil Pokémon working under Team Rocket, not treated properly and kidnapped by the evil Team. Specifically the Dark Pokémon featured a higher amount of damage on their attacks but lower health than usual cards. 

Have you found the rare holofoil Dark Charizard?

What other Rocket sets have been released in the past?

Do you remember Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge sets? Did you have an Owner Pokémon, these collectable cards featured an owner bottom-right of the Pokémon.

An owned Pokemon by team rocket, Rocket’s Scyther from Gym Heroes.

Lastly, Neo Destiny set returned Dark Pokémon with their adversaries the kind Light Pokémon. Some notable cards were the Dark Typhlosion and Dark Espeon.

The ferocious Dark Typhlosion, a darker final evolution of Cyndaquil debuted in Neo Destiny

Finally years later we saw EX Team Rocket Returns in 2004. Furthermore this set once again included the Dark Pokémon but let other unexplored species work for Team Rocket.

A booster pack of EX Team Rocket Returns, featuring the bug Pokemon Scyther menacing inside a Team Rocket base.

The introduction of the Gold Stars ☆

Surprisingly came additions to this EX set the highly sought-after Gold Stars or Pokémon ☆. Unquestionably hard to find cards inside a handful of boxes making them tough to find.

Since it’s been several years now did you end up finding them in those older packs? Maybe they are a part of your collection through buying them out right or trading.

(The gold star Hoenn starter trio in stunning artwork from the EX Rocket Returns set, some surprising colour changes!)

Giovanni the Boss

Right now we only have heard the first murmurings and now the community hums with speculation and fun ideas for what could be included within this highly anticipated release.

Soon you may see characters that have been featured before in cards such as Giovanni the undeniably the head honcho and kingpin of crime that oversees all operations of the evil organisation.

(Giovanni’s Charisma, a trainer supporter card from Scarlet and Violet 151 featuring the titular Giovanni and his beloved Persian.)

Jessie and James

Jessie and James have had products released outside of just the booster packs containing 9 additional game cards. Especially now these theme decks continue to be hard to acquire as more collectors pour into the hobby to find and obtain products such as these. 

Ex Team Rocket Returns Theme decks released back in November 2004, the Jessie and James decks included inside are the EXCLUSIVE cards Dark Tyranitar and Dark Dragonite.

What is the rarest Team Rocket Product?

A closed 2017 Team Rocket case for the 20th Anniversary, originally costing 12,000 yen)

Finally, other than a sealed vintage booster box of Team Rocket or Ex Team Rocket Returns the most sought-after Rocket product evidently is the 2017 20th Anniversary Team Rocket Special Case. A made-to-order product available for a short time on the Pokémon Center Online shop in Japan. Inside you obtained a Giovanni’s Scheme promotional card and a Here Comes Team Rocket! card featuring the iconic trio of villains bent on capturing Ash’s Pikachu. Additionally, the box also contained a metal coin, Deck box holder and some Card sleeves.

Who are some of the other villainous teams in the Pokémon world?

For fans of the franchise, we have seen a host of new villainous teams that seek to disrupt the player in the video-games.

The Hoenn based Team Magma and Team Aqua that seek the power of Groudon and Kyogre, the ancient Pokémon with the power of land and sea. Team Magma and Team Aqua even have two of their own Pokémon TCG sets that are themed around them, one featuring their team name EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua and the other known as Double Crisis.

Each of these teams across the generations range from highly dangerous criminals to devoted fans and delinquent students. Basically these groups steal Pokémon or are just up to some evil schemes but it’s nice to know that a lot of them aren’t all bad!

(Several Pikachu dressed up as the various Villainous Team Grunts of the series.)

Generally what can we expect to see next from this announced set?

It’s great to see old successful concepts be revitalised in modern times for newer specialised sets. Indeed, we haven’t had a dedicated Team Pokemon TCG set in a long time, so there is finally high anticipation. Furthermore, it’s criminal that we will have to wait so long to see more news of The Glory of Team Rocket.

In conclusion, this rocket set is preparing to blast off into the stratosphere and fly off the shelves upon release. It’s already shaping up to be a specialty set to collect and be excited for! Now let’s try to stay patient, wait for more updates by TPCi to see if some of the newer Dark Pokémon get up to their old tricks!

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