Sons of Valhalla: The Ultimate Viking Combat and Base-Building Game


Step into the shoes of Thorald Olavson, a warrior on a quest to reclaim what was lost and conquer the unknown. In Sons of Valhalla, players embark on a journey to track down the Jarl who burned down their home, stole their beloved, and fled to England. This game combines side-scrolling combat with a base-building strategy to bring players an unforgettable experience in a beautiful pixel-art world set in the Viking Age.

Building a Stronghold and a Warband

Sons of Valhalla Throne

In Sons of Valhalla, players must first build and strengthen their own fortresses to generate resources while leading their warriors in combat. Developing towns and managing the economy is key to success, and players can choose to accumulate power through either upgrading their buildings or raiding neighbouring villages. It’s essential to fortify your towns against enemy attacks, as conquered border towns can easily be recaptured.

The Art of Conquest

Once your stronghold is ready, it’s time for conquest. Players can lead their troops in tactical combat by issuing orders and utilizing special abilities and formations. They can recruit a wide array of troops from basic swordsmen to better-armed warriors and choose the right soldiers for the right situation. Breaking through the enemy’s shield wall and cutting them down with your own blade or using a bow and spear to attack from a distance are just a few ways to destroy the enemy.

Siege Engines and Treasures

Sieging in Sons of Valhalla

In Sons of Valhalla, players must also use siege engines to take down their enemy’s fortresses or protect their own. Players must use catapults and battering rams to smash through gates and walls while racing to destroy the enemy’s trebuchets. After a hard battle, players can venture into the wilderness to find treasure and harry the enemy.

A Game Created with Passion

Developed by two brothers with a passion for pixel art and the Viking Age, Sons of Valhalla brings players a beautiful world filled with little touches that bring the game to life. Enjoy the look of the buildings, the ducks swimming in the water, and the atmosphere as days turn to nights and sunshine to storms. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey as a warrior in Sons of Valhalla.

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