A Mortician’s Tale – Behind the Scenes of Death

A Mortician's Tale delves into mortuary science and funeral home management, offering a unique and thought-provoking indie game experience.

Indie video games are known and celebrated for their creativity, uniqueness, and captivating narratives. A notable example is A Mortician’s Tale, developed by Laundry Bear Games and released for Windows and macOS in October 2017. This unique indie gem offers an immersive experience, guiding players through the world of mortuary science and funeral home management. For those seeking a truly intriguing indie title, this game is a must-play.

What is A Mortician’s Tale?

A Mortician’s Tale puts players in the shoes of Charlie, a young mortician starting their career in the funeral industry. The game is a management simulation that allows players to experience the unique challenges and rewards of the profession, offering a unique glimpse into the day-to-day operations of a funeral home. Through the game, players explore the complexities of life and death.

Upon its release in October 2017, A Mortician’s Tale garnered high praise. Critics praised its compelling narrative, minimalist visuals, and thought-provoking themes. The game’s honest and refreshing depiction of the funeral industry drew inspiration from respected sources such as Caitlin Doughty, an acclaimed author and mortician, and The Order of the Good Death, a group advocating death acceptance.

Gameplay and Mechanics

A Mortician's Tale Gameplay

As Charlie, an employee at a funeral home, the player takes on the responsibility of overseeing all aspects of mortuary work, including arranging and supervising funeral services, as well as performing embalming or cremation procedures for the deceased.

The game’s core mechanics revolve around efficiently completing tasks while delving into the narratives of the deceased and their grieving loved ones. Through heartfelt conversations with clients, colleagues, and supervisors, players gain insight into the emotional and practical challenges present in the funeral industry.

Players are tasked with maintaining a delicate balance between professionalism and empathy. The decisions they make throughout the game shape the final farewell for each deceased individual. Whether it’s offering solace to a grieving family member or coordinating intricate funeral arrangements, these choices profoundly influence Charlie’s journey.

Themes and Inspiration

A Mortician’s Tale offers a poignant examination of the evolving landscape of the Western death industry and the concepts of death acceptance and embracing mortality. Drawing inspiration from real-life figures like Caitlin Doughty and organizations such as The Order of the Good Death, the game navigates weighty topics with grace and authenticity.

The game employs a narrative-driven gameplay that prompts players to reevaluate their beliefs and attitudes towards death. By shedding light on the nuanced roles of morticians and funeral planners, A Mortician’s Tale fosters a deeper understanding of the traditions and ceremonies surrounding grief and mortality.

Availability and Reception

Since its launch, A Mortician’s Tale has garnered a dedicated following among players and critics. Available on various platforms such as Steam, itch.io, and the App Store, the game appeals to a diverse audience of players.

Critics have lauded the game for its distinct art style, engaging storyline, and thematic richness. By prioritizing the promotion of death positivity and providing insights into the funeral industry, A Mortician’s Tale is a shining example of indie gaming’s capacity to entertain while fostering meaningful conversations and introspection.


A Mortician’s Tale showcases the profound potential for introspection. Through its captivating storyline, gameplay mechanics, and thought-provoking themes, the game delivers a memorable experience.

Players are invited to guide Charlie through the intricacies of the funeral industry, prompting them to reflect on their perspectives regarding life, death, and the human condition. This indie title defies conventional norms by exploring often-overlooked aspects of mortality, fostering a deeper sense of empathy and comprehension among players.

A Mortician’s Tale is a unique indie game that offers a one-of-a-kind experience, transcending traditional genres and deserving attention from all gaming enthusiasts.

A Mortician’s Tale is available now on Steam and itch.io.

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