Best Grand Warden Equipment in Clash of Clans

A guide to the best Hero Equipment for the Grand Warden.
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In this article, we’ll cover the best Equipment for Grand Warden, so you can decide which ones best fit how you like to attack. We’ve covered the best Equipment for the Barbarian King and Archer Queen in separate articles, so feel free to check them out too!

Before discussing his Equipment, there are a few unique features of the Grand Warden that need to be mentioned:

  • The faint ring surrounding him displays the area of effect for most of his abilities. 
  • You can set him to ground or air mode where he can walk or fly. In both modes, he bypasses walls, by jumping or flying over them. 
  • He follows whatever troop/s has the highest total army camp space and attacks the building they target. 

For these reasons, he is typically used as a support unit. However, since his latest Fireball Equipment, he can also be a great solo force, meaning the Equipment you choose significantly impacts how he’s used.

Clash of Clans Grand Warden area of effect ring

The Grand Warden’s Hero Equipment

Clash of Clans Grand Warden equipment: Eternal Tome (invulnerability), Life Gem (healing), Rage Gem (rage boost), Healing Tome (group healing), Fireball (damage)

The Grand Warden currently has 5 Hero Equipment available to him:

  • Eternal Tome
  • Life Gem
  • Rage Gem
  • Healing Tome
  • Fireball

We’ll go through the strengths, weaknesses and use cases for each Equipment so you can choose the best pairing for you and the strategies you like to use.

Eternal Tome

Clash of Clans Grand Warden equipment: Eternal Tome (grants temporary invulnerability to troops)

When activated, the Eternal Tome makes all friendly units within the Warden’s range immune from taking damage for a limited time. 

It is one of two Equipment that the Grand Warden starts with, alongside the Life Gem. 

At maxed level (18) the Eternal Tome grants 9.5 seconds of immunity but doesn’t provide any damage or health bonuses to the Warden. It’s worth noting that the invincibility only prevents direct damage, so Air Sweepers can still push troops back and Spring Traps can still eliminate units.

The Eternal Tome is a fantastic Equipment that takes a bit of practice to master due to its relatively short duration, meaning it is crucial to time its activation correctly. First, you want your Warden to be following your army into the core of the base. Once there, the Eternal Tome is at its strongest as defence damage is at its highest. This allows your army to take out key defences and buildings (such as the Town Hall) without taking damage. Plus, it is great at protecting units from the devastating explosion that occurs when weaponised Town Halls (12 and above) are destroyed. 

Overall, the Eternal Tome is the best Equipment when using the Grand Warden as a supporting Hero for your army. If used at the right time, it can help to clear out the core of the base without your troops taking a scratch of damage.

Life Gem

Clash of Clans Grand Warden equipment: Life Gem (increases troop maximum health and healing)

The Life Gem is a passive ability that grants additional hitpoints to friendly units within the radius of the Grand Warden. 

It is the second Equipment that the Warden starts with, the other being the Eternal Tome. 

At maxed level (18) the Life Gem increases other units’ hitpoints by 100%, up to a maximum of 725. It also increases the Warden’s damage per second by 66 and his hit points by 441. 

The Life Gem is a decent Equipment best used with medium health troops such as Witches, Bowlers, Hog Riders and Miners (to name a few). These troops already have a decent amount of health close to or at the maximum increase, so they get the most out of the hitpoint boost. A troop with high hitpoints, such as a Golem or Electro Titan, will receive the maximum boost compared to their already high hitpoints, it won’t make a lot of difference. 

Overall, the Life Gem is a good Equipment when utilised alongside the right troops. A few examples to explore include using Miners and Hog Riders after a Queen Charge (known as Hybrid), sending Balloons in behind Lava Hounds (LavaLoon), or using Bowlers and Witches behind a Golem or other tanky unit. 

Rage Gem

Clash of Clans Grand Warden equipment: Rage Gem (increases Rage spell area of effect)

The Rage Gem is a passive ability that grants additional damage to friendly units within the radius of the Grand Warden. 

It is unlocked at Blacksmith level 4, available at Town Hall 11. 

At maxed level (18) the Rage Gem gives an uncapped damage increase of 50% while increasing the Warden’s attack speed by 22% and his damage per second by 88. 

The Rage Gem is a good Equipment to increase the damage output of your army and is commonly used in air attacks. However, it is particularly potent in a Warden Charge, which, like a Queen Charge, paired with 5 Healers, takes out a portion of the base on his own. The Rage Gem helps increase the Healer’s healing output since they are inside the Rage Gem’s area of effect. Plus, it significantly improves the Warden’s damage output, making him more of a threat on his own. 

Overall, the Rage Gem is a great Equipment if you wish to do a Warden Charge. However, it’s not as good as other Equipment in supporting your army in most cases. One exception is with air attacks, particularly E-Dragon spam, so if you like that strategy, give it a go.

Healing Tome

Clash of Clans Grand Warden equipment: Healing Tome (powerful area healing for troops)

When activated, the Healing Tome heals all friendly units in the Grand Warden’s range for a while. 

It is unlocked at Blacksmith level 6, available at Town Hall 13. 

At maxed level (18) the Healing Tome has a healing per second of 150 that lasts 25 seconds. That’s a huge 3,750 healing in total! Additionally, it increases the Warden’s hitpoints by 685 and his health recovery when activated by 863. 

The Healing Tome is a great choice if you seek to increase the survivability of your army. It is good when paired with Hog Riders and Miners after a Queen Charge or when doing a spam attack, such as Root Riders and Bowlers or Witches, as it helps to keep troops healthier for longer. Although its healing is strong, be cautious when coming up against massive amounts of damage, often in the core of a base, as sometimes the healing isn’t strong enough to keep troops alive. 

Overall, the Healing Tome is one of the Grand Warden’s best Equipment if you want to support your army with increased survivability. 


Clash of Clans Grand Warden equipment: Fireball (launches a high-damage fireball projectile)

When activated, the Grand Warden fires a massive Fireball at the nearest defence, doing massive splash damage to the target and buildings around it. 

The Fireball is the only Epic Equipment for the Grand Warden. If you don’t have it already you’ll need to buy it from the Trader for 1500 gems. 

At maxed level (27) the Fireball deals a huge 4100 damage to the target and everything within 6 tiles of it. It also increases the Warden’s damage per second by 101. 

The Fireball is an unusual Equipment for the Warden, making him more of a solo Hero than a supporting one. For this reason, the Fireball is best used in a Warden Charge. At maxed level, pairing the Fireball with two Earthquake spells can even take down key defences such as Eagle Artillery and Monolith. When used this way, it can get massive value making the rest of the attack much easier. 

Overall, the Fireball is a great Equipment for doing a Warden Charge and can take out a large clump of defences if used correctly. However, when sending the Warden in with the main army, the Fireball doesn’t offer the support of his other Equipment choices. 


Overall, the best Equipment for the Grand Warden depends on your choice of strategy. If you want to use the Warden as a solo Hero, use the Rage Gem and Fireball. If you want him to be supportive, use the Eternal Tome and Healing Tome. 

The Rage Gem and Fireball pairing significantly increases the Warden’s damage and allows him to eliminate a portion of the base by himself. A great option, but one that requires creativity in how you follow up the Warden Charge.

The Eternal Tome and Healing Tome are the perfect pair of items for the Warden to support your army. The immunity paired with the heal massively helps to keep units alive and is particularly effective in the core. During the duration of immunity, your units get an unimpeded heal which often returns them to full health. This combination is the best for the average player who isn’t overly strategic. 

For Town Hall 11 and 12, if you don’t have the Healing Tome unlocked, the Life Gem and Eternal Tome are the best pairing. Even from Town Hall 13, the Life Gem is a good choice if you want additional hitpoints. However, the Apprentice Warden troop has a similar, but less powerful, effect and is often used as a substitute for it.

Evidently, the Warden’s choice of Equipment makes him a very versatile Hero, and the best combination is dependent on strategy. The pairing I’d recommend for most players would be the Eternal Tome and Healing Tome.

We hope this guide has helped you choose the best Grand Warden Equipment. There are many different strategies you can experiment with, so try them and see how you get on. 

Clash on! 

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