Best Indie Games Released in April 2024

Discover April 2024's top indie releases.
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As access to technology and AI improves it is getting easier to make simple indie games from your own home without the expensive set-up of yesteryear. Indie games are always best on PC, so all the games we have for you in this list can be found on Steam.

The indie game market is always bursting with new games, and April 2024 is no different. From chaotic sequels of everyone’s favourite spider killer to relaxing puzzle-solving botanists, this month really does have something for everyone.

Below are the best indie games released in April of 2024, we’re certain you’ll find your new favourite Indie game!

10 Best Indie Games Released in April 2024


Released: April 3, 2024

Planetiles - April 3, 2024

Have you ever wanted to terraform a planet? Well in planetiles it’s easy. This relaxing puzzle game sees the player creating regions on desolate worlds by placing tetris-like tiles across the planet’s surface. Complete missions relating to the types of biomes on the tiles and score more points to complete the levels. 

You can even make choices that dramatically affect the look of the planet, would you prefer a volcano or a flood? You can decide which cost/benefit works for your planet. Don’t worry about not being able to finish a level, you choose when to end the levels and your score is determined by how many objectives you completed and how few spaces were left on the planet at the end.  

You level up your little space man and receive perks and abilities like not having to pick between a volcano and a flood! For such a simple concept the gameplay is engaging and enjoyable, jump in for just 15 minutes or lose 6 hours. You can find Planetiles on Steam now! 

Botany Manor

Released: April 9, 2024

Botany Manor - New Indie Game Released in April 9, 2024

Sometimes you need to be a 19th-century botanist in an English stately home. If you share this sentiment then Botany Manor is the game for you. Playing like a who-done-it style point-and-click adventure with depth, Botany Manor provides a peaceful, and puzzling gameplay experience. 

Explore the sprawling stately home and gardens while solving puzzles to grow unique and fantastic plants to progress further into the game. Take your time to stop and smell the roses while you explore and learn more about the character of Arabella and her life as a botanist as she completes her book on forgotten flora. 

With a relaxing art style and a beautiful soundtrack, this is a game you can get lost in. If you are keen on puzzles, riddles, and finding clues to how these beautiful plants grow, then Botany Manor is a game you just can’t afford to miss. You can find it now on Steam. 

Kill it With Fire 2

Released: April 16, 2024 

Kill it With Fire - April 16, 2024

The second instalment of the Kill It with Fire franchise now comes even more spider-heavy — sorry about that!

With the early access release now available it’s time to kill spiders! Not only is this game completely playable through the campaign in co-op but now you can play as the spider if you are mad enough to try. With up to 4 players online Co-op you can hunt the spider menace together with new high-tech equipment or a trusty wrench. 

If you decided that your lifelong dream was to be a spider, then you’re in luck! Challenge your friends to a spider hunt and hope that your exterminator friends don’t destroy you, as they rightly should. If you didn’t play Kill It with Fire then you missed out on the most chaotic and collateral damage ensuing gameplay in the indie space. Throw shurikens, shoot guns, blast flamethrowers, and smack with a hammer, choose your weapons and kill spiders, it’s that simple. Such a simple concept executed in a comedic and satisfying way, no wonder we didn’t have to wait long for a sequel. 

With new levels coming through the early access period, now is the best time to pick up Kill It with Fire 2! Now on Steam. 

Children of the Sun

Released: April 9, 2024 

Children of Sun - April 9, 2024

We all know and love shooter games, but what about a shooter puzzle game with telekinesis? Well as something we haven’t seen before Children of the Sun has us covered. With only a sniper rifle and your psychic abilities you must slay all the enemies on the map to complete the level, sounds easy, right? 

Well, Children of the Sun knows you’ll lose, often. Sometimes you need to fail a level to see what happened so don’t worry, good things come to those who wait. With short levels, you won’t get fatigued and a 6ish hour play length this game is here for a good time, not a long time. 

With a delightfully jarring colour pallet and art style this game is something to behold. If you’re interested in always trying to best your own best score then this game could be right up your alley, with so many ways to complete levels,  you can always do better. Children of the Sun is now available on Steam. 


Released: April 9, 2024 

Inkbound - April 9, 2024

A roguelike game just like all the others, right? Wrong! Inkbound is a Hades-inspired roguelike game that adds a new layer of complexity to this already fast-paced genre. Progress through a fast-paced, and gloriously colourful world with interesting characters to see and stories to hear. Inkbound is sure to keep your attention for hours. 

You won’t need to suffer through simple monsters with no challenge in this game, each battle could be your last and with that comes an immense sense of pride for beating tough opponents at every turn. You can also play with friends if you want, with the multiplayer servers you can play online with people from all over, but beware, the enemies are harder the more of you there are, so don’t expect a cakewalk. 

Make sure you check out Inkbound if you’re looking for a new challenge, out now on Steam. 

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

Released: April 10, 2024 

Ereban: Shadow Legacy - New Indie Game Released in April 10, 2024

Stealth in the Future sounds like an ideal mix that is somehow not more commonplace in the gaming scene, but that all changed with the release of Ereban: Shadow Legacy. Set in a morally grey future where robots prowl the streets you use your futurist technology and stealth shadow skills to uncover the mystery of who you are, and who your now-extinct people are. 

Play how you want, kill or avoid? You have your mission and you cannot be stopped until you have discovered what you need. Explore the lifeless cities, crumbing ruins, and futuristic cityscapes, all with the aid of your shadow abilities. Meet some interesting characters on your journey who may be able to help you, or not.  Find out now by downloading Ereban: Shadow Legacy on Steam. 

Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Released: April 10, 2024 

Laysara: Summit Kingdom - April 10, 2024

City builders have come a long way in the last few years and Laysara: summit Kingdom is a shining example of just how far that is. You must rebuild the kingdom of Laysara but this time, you only have mountain tops to work with. Choose from multiple different styles of mountains each with different resources and risks that will greatly affect how you build your city. 

Create other cities on other mountains and create trade routes to help get the material you can’t gather yourself. This city-building puzzle is great for people who love to see things grow and flourish but who also like a little bit of management thrown in. As an early access game you can expect more from Laysara: summit Kingdom in the future, but for right now it has an incredible art style and the music is beautiful, so it’s only up from here. You can download this game now from Steam.

No Rest for the Wicked

Released: April 18, 2024 

No Rest for the Wicked - April 18, 2024

Are you a holy warrior looking to destroy a thousand-year-old pestilence? Oh good, because in no rest for the wicked that’s exactly what they need right now. This Viceral RPG pairs strategic combat with the classic loot we all know and love from RPGs. You can also take some time to fish and harvest plants after you decimate some bandits, you know, take some you time. 

With no rest for the wicked, you’ll be gifted some beautiful art styles and some even more engaging stories. Play alone or with friends in multiplayer and save the kingdom together. Out in early access now you can expect patches and updates for the long haul with No rest for the wicked. 

With update 2 coming soon and titled ‘The Breach’ it seems like No Rest for the Wicked will be something we can sink our teeth into for the long haul. You can buy it now on early access through Steam. 

Bootleg Steamer

Released: April 25, 2024 

Bootleg Steamer - Released in April 25, 2024

If you’re bored of the usual hack-and-slash or shooter-style roguelike games then how about a prohibition-era boat captain? Not your usual setting for a game but an interesting game it makes. As a captain, you need to ensure the thirsty patrons have their illegal hooch by any means necessary and you’re the man for the job! 

Work with the mafia to avoid the police and build up an empire of crime from your humble tugboat beginnings. Meet other boats along the way and build up a following until the inevitable end of your crime spree, and then start again and do better. 

This unusual and innovative game just goes to show that sometimes the most unusual of settings brings out the more unique of ideas. Released on april 25th, it’s time to commit crime! In the game world at least. 

Another Crab’s Treasure

Released: April 25, 2024 

Another Crab's Treasure - April 25, 2024

Do you ever think “I wish there was a soulslike game that wasn’t so dark” Well you’re in luck! The cutest soulslike game ever to exist is about to be released. Another crab’s treasure follows you, a little hermit crab who needs to buy back his shell. Progress through a vibrant colourful underwater land and defeat a plethora of challenging yet adorable creatures to reach your goal. 

With the premise being as adorable and silly as this you would be forgiven for thinking this game was just a comedic bit of fun to waste a day, but you would be wrong. With a surprisingly deep story and well-voiced characters all paired with some great and well-polished combat, Another Crabs treasure really does hold its own in a soulslike genre. Released on April 25th, you can start your own crab-tastic adventure today!

The best Indie games of April 2024 are certain to be a hit with gamers of all types! Is Botany Manor the best Indie game you’ve ever seen? Or what about the Souls-like inspired Another Crab’s treasure? Surely this the best indie game you have ever heard of? If there is one thing I hope you have taken away from this list, it’s that the indie game market is so rich, that there will always be a new best indie game coming soon.

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