How to Use Bruno ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

Time to take the field.

Bruno, the Protector of Eruditio, is a high-damage marksman in Mobile Legends. A star footballer with unmatched agility, Bruno delivers powerful shots with his mechanical legs, striking from a distance. He possesses a moderate skill floor. Mastering his bouncing ball mechanic for consistent critical hits takes practice, but his straightforward kit is beginner-friendly.

Bruno excels at kiting backline threats, dealing consistent damage, and shredding enemy defences with his critical strike-focused build. However, his lack of true mobility makes him vulnerable to assassins, and he struggles against enemies who can outrange him.

Bruno ML Skills

Bruno Mobile Legends skill list: Mecha Legs, Volley Shot, Flying Tackle, Worldie

Passive: Mecha Legs

Bruno doesn’t gain the usual benefit from critical strike chance items. Instead, each time he uses a skill, he gains a stackable boost to his critical strike chance for a short duration. This emphasizes casting skills frequently to keep his critical strikes up.

First Skill: Volley Shot

Bruno kicks an energized ball that bounces between him and a target enemy, dealing damage and briefly slowing them. Crucially, when Bruno picks the ball back up, he gains a temporary critical strike chance and attack speed boost.

Second Skill: Flying Tackle

Bruno performs a short dash, stunning the first enemy hit and knocking them back slightly. It’s a good defensive or offensive repositioning tool.

Ultimate: Worldie

Bruno launches an energy ball in a long line, dealing damage and knocking back the first enemy it hits. Importantly, if any of Bruno’s teammates pick up the ball, they gain a movement speed boost and can pass it back to Bruno, reducing the skill’s cooldown.

Bruno ML Build

Best Bruno item build Mobile Legends: Tough Boots, Haas' Claws, Berserker's Fury, Windtalker, Wind of Nature, Malefic Roar

This Bruno build focuses on a mix of damage and survivability. Haas’ Claws and Berserker’s Fury provide early sustain and critical strike damage for strong laning. Windtalker offers movement and attack speed crucial for kiting enemies. Tough Boots and Wind of Nature give situational defense against magic damage bursts or assassins. Malefic Roar helps cut through tanky enemies. However, this build is flexible. If you need more defense, swap offensive items for Immortality or Queen’s Wings. Against healers, switch Malefic Roar for Demon Hunter Sword. Experiment with what works best against specific enemy team compositions!

The best item build for Bruno in Mobile Legends

  • Tough Boots
  • Haas’ Claws
  • Berserker’s Fury
  • Windtalker
  • Wind of Nature
  • Malefic Roar
Bruno emblem build, Mobile Legends: Assassin talent with Fatal, Tenacity, Quantum Charge

This Custom Assassin Emblem build focuses on enhancing Bruno’s early game power and overall survivability.

Custom Assassin Emblem

  • Fatal: Increases critical strike chance and critical strike damage, synergizing well with Bruno’s passive (Mecha Legs) which gives him crit chance after skill use. This boosts his damage output.
  • Tenacity: Reduces the duration of crowd control effects (stuns, slows, etc.). This helps Bruno stay alive when facing heroes with heavy disables, as he is generally quite squishy.
  • Quantum Charge: Grants movement speed after damaging enemies with basic attacks, and also restores his HP. This improves Bruno’s kiting ability, making him harder to catch or escape from, and offers some sustain in the laning phase.

Bruno Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

Laning Phase

  • Early Game Pressure: Bruno’s early game damage with critical strikes can be quite strong. Use Volley Shot (first skill) to poke and pressure the enemy laners, forcing them to play defensively.
  • Prioritize Farm: Focus on last-hitting minions to gain gold and experience quickly. Marksmen, like Bruno, need items to reach their full damage potential.
  • Don’t Overextend: Bruno is vulnerable to ganks, especially early on. Play cautiously under your tower if you don’t know where the enemy jungler is. Ward nearby brushes to protect yourself.
  • Skill Combo: Practice your Volley Shot (first skill) to Flying Tackle (second skill) combo. This lets you maximize critical hit uptime and slows enemies for easier follow-up attacks.

Rotations & Teamfights

  • Objective Control: Help your team secure the lane crab and early Turtle for extra gold and map control. However, don’t rotate unless you’ve cleared your lane to avoid losing tower pressure.
  • Positioning is EVERYTHING: As a marksman, stay behind your tanks and fighters. Focus on attacking the closest enemy but maintain a safe distance. Don’t get caught in the middle of brawls.
  • Kite and Reposition: Use Volley Shot and Flying Tackle to slow enemies, reposition, and create space between yourself and diving assassins. Bruno excels at kiting!
  • Target Priority: In team fights, aim to take out the enemy’s backline damage dealers (mages and marksmen) if possible. Use your ultimate (Worldie) to knock back threats diving onto you or your team.

Additional Tips:

  • Itemize Smartly: Adapt your item build depending on the enemy team composition. Prioritize defense against assassins or burst damage, or go full damage against a squishy enemy team.
  • Patience Pays Off: Avoid risky plays early on. Farm, level up, and wait for your power spikes with core items before aggressively forcing fights.

Battle Spell


Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Bruno

Bruno lacks mobility skills. Flicker offers an additional dash that can be used to dodge enemy skillshots, escape ganks, or reposition yourself during teamfights. This is especially useful against heroes with strong crowd control abilities.


Mobile Legends Inspire icon, recommended battle spell for Bruno

The attack speed and armor penetration provided by Inspire directly synergize with Bruno’s strengths. Increased attack speed lets him land more critical hits with his passive (Mecha Legs), while armor penetration helps him shred through enemy defenses, especially tanks. This translates to a significant damage boost during teamfights.


Bruno is one of the easiest marksmen to use in Mobile Legends. He can deal high critical damage with the potential of one hitting an enemy because of his passive. Unlike other marksmen, he has two CC skills (mini stun and knockback) and can reduce the enemy’s physical defence from his ultimate.

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