How to Survive Survival Mode in Mobile Legends

Can you survive the ultimate Mobile Legends challenge?

Survival mode seems to be a thing these days in the gaming world. If you’re familiar with Rules of Survival and PUBG, you will not be a stranger to this new mode in Mobile Legends.

The rule is simple: Survive last.

Though it sounds pretty straightforward, it could be rather tricky to grasp the gameplay initially. There are many ways how to play this mode, but if you want to dominate and win the game consistently, follow these simple yet PROVEN tricks to survive last and win the match in Mobile Legends:

Tip 1: Team Line Up

The lineup isn’t very important, but it plays a significant role in the game. Agree or not, it will still all depend on which hero you will use to survive and win the game. Every hero has its benefits; make sure to pick your hero wisely.

Choose a fighter or marksman. These heroes have a high potential to kill monsters quickly. And don’t forget to have a tank in your lineup. Picking a mage hero is good unless you’re playing with your friends with good team play.

Tip 2: Communication

Before the game starts, make sure to communicate with your teammate and decide where you’re going to land. There’s a pin that you can use to mark your team’s drop place location.

Once landed in the battleground, always remember to stick with your teammates.

Being together is way better than being alone.

However, if you want to farm solo(which is not recommended), ensure you’re not too far from your teammates. The map is big and dark, and you don’t want the enemy to catch you farming alone and leave you with no chance to run away and retaliate.

 Survival Mode in Mobile Legends

Tip 3: Don’t be too greedy

You’re not the only one who needs the item, and your teammates need it too. Be kind not to get all the Megaheal and other core items. Just pick the necessary ones for you and leave the rest for your comrades.

Additionally, always avoid fighting with an enemy if you see one. The map is dark, and you don’t know where the enemies are, so stay low-key! You don’t want to get killed after all.

Tip 4: Farm Fast!

Items are super important. Try to kill the monster as many and as fast as you can. Every monster has a random item drop, and it will either give you a mage or marksman item. Make sure to get yourself enough core items before getting into a team fight.

 Survival Mode in Mobile Legends

Consider looking for a chest and killing lord—both rare drop items and functional battle abilities that you can use for the entire game.

Rare items and useful battle abilities

Tip 5: Look at the map

Like Rules of Survival and PUBG, this mode also has a safety zone. This safety zone is the purple circle on the map that slowly moves and gets smaller every 3 minutes. You should always be aware if you’re still in that safe zone area; it happens you’re not, you will get continuous immense damage and die. So watch out and keep your eye on the map!


Remember, the keys to winning survival mode in Mobile Legends are smart hero picks, strong teamwork, careful item management, and always being aware of the shrinking safe zone. Master these, and you’ll climb those leaderboards and taste the sweet thrill of victory more often.


  • Hide in the bush when ganking and escaping
  • Kill the enemy’s damage dealer first before killing the tank to prevent wasting time
  • Land where the jungle monsters are. To collect items is your priority over killing enemies
  • Pick an invisible ability in the early game; it will help you escape ganks
  • Before resurrecting a teammate, make sure to kill the enemy first to avoid any interference from any foe
  • Don’t forget to use Megaheal after a clash; make sure to have full health always

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