How To Top Up Diamonds in Mobile Legends Using Gcash & PayMaya


There are several ways to purchase diamonds on mobile legends, one can be a little bit complicated, and one can be pretty straightforward. In this article, we’ve broken down the process and listed the most accessible ways how you can recharge diamonds using GCash and PayMaya. Just follow the steps below to have a smooth purchasing experience!

Direct Diamond Purchase on Mobile Legends App

How can I top up diamond directly on Mobile Legends?

  1. First, go to Play Store.
  2. Second, click the image at the top right of the app.
  3. Third, click on Payments and Subscriptions > Payment Methods > Link GCash.
  4. After clicking the Link Gcash, click Continue to be re-directed to GCash to verify your account.
  5. Once you’ve authorised GCash to connect your Google account, an OTP code will be sent to your registered mobile number that you need to enter to finish the linking process.
  6. Once you’ve linked your GCash, you can now open your Mobile Legends app and buy diamonds directly through it.

Direct Diamond Purchase on GCash App or Razer Gold

How can I top up diamond in Mobile Legends on GCash App?

The second method is to buy Razor Gold PIN for Mobile Legends within the GCash app using prepaid load.

  1. First, open your GCash app.
  2. Second, click the Buy Load.
top up diamonds in mobile legends

3. Third, scroll through the menu bar and find Game Credits. Here, you choose the amount of prepaid load you want to convert as an in-game diamond.

gcash ml top up diamonds

4. After choosing the amount of Razer Gold PINs you want, click Next and proceed to payment.

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5. Once you’ve received a confirmation text from GCash, you can now enter the ePin on the Razer Gold website, fill out user information, and the diamonds will automatically add up into your MLBB account.

Direct Diamond Purchase On PayMaya

How can I top up diamond in Mobile Legends using PayMaya?

The first thing you need to do is open the PayMaya app. Click on the Play button.

paymaya top up ml diamond

Second, click on the MLBB banner and choose how much diamond you want. The maximum diamond you can buy here is PHP4750.

Next, you need to fill out the information details. Make sure to input all the details correctly to avoid inconvenience.

Voila! You’ve successfully purchased MLBB diamond.

Direct Diamond Purchase on CodaShop

How can I top up diamonds in Mobile Legends on Codashop?

Topping up diamonds for your Mobile Legends using Codashop is pretty straightforward.

Click here to visit the Codashop website and choose Mobile Legends.

codashop ml top up diamonds

Second, you need to input your complete user ID and choose how much you top up.

Third, choose the payment method you want to use. Either GCash or PayMaya; whichever platform you have an account with.

top up diamonds in mobile legends

Next, you can already click Buy Now button to proceed with the payment. But I highly recommend that you enter your email address to have a receipt of the purchase for future reference if you encounter problems.

top up diamonds in mobile legends

After clicking the Buy Now button, you need to connect and log in to your GCash account to proceed with paying the order.

top up diamonds in mobile legends

Once the payment is successfully processed, the diamonds will automatically be added to your Mobile Legends account.

Note: Get FREE ML diamonds if you’re going to top up on Codashop.

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