Mathilda ML Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem, Strategy Guide


Mathilda is a playful yet conscientious person from a simple tribe in the vast Western Desert, also known as Swift Plume. She loves moving around with her allies and always seeks justice for oppressed people.

Mathilda is one of the favourite support heroes of the queen herself, Ohmyveenus, because of her insane magic damage and OP CC.

This guide will teach you how to fly high with Mathilda like the queen, Ohmyveenus.

How to use Mathilda ML Skills

Passive Skill: Ancestral Guidance

Mathilda gains movement speed and stacks physical and magic damage every time she moves.

First Skill: Soul Bloom

Mathilda will summon and stack wisps encircling her for 3.5 seconds. After summoning, the wisps will attack any nearby enemies, whether they’re in range or not.

Note: You can stack up to 6 wisps.

Second Skill: Guiding Wind

Mathilda jumps toward a location, gaining her shield and teammates surrounding her upon landing.

Ultimate: Circling Eagle

Once Soul Mark is applied to the targeted enemy, Mathilda will fly around the target dealing magic damage with her Wisps and knocking back the enemy upon landing.

Best Mathilda ML Build

There is a lot of strategy build that you can build for Mathilda, depending on your playstyle and role.

Here are the top two best builds for Mathilda:

Mage Build

  • Arcane Boots
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Genius Wand
  • Holy Crystal
  • Ice Queen Wand
  • Divine Glaive

Support/Tank Build

  • Warrior Boots
  • Oracle
  • Brute Force
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Radiant Armor
  • Fleeting Time

Note: The build for your boots will always depend on your enemy’s lineup. If they’re all magic damage, go for Tough boots; if physical damage, go for Warrior Boots.

Mathilda Tips, Strategy, and Gameplay

You must remember that every role has a different strategy and gameplay, so you have to apply these strategies depending on your position.

#1. Mage Tips

When you’re playing a mage role in the middle lane, you need to dominate the lane in the early stage consistently. You can do this by frequently spamming your first skill to nuke the enemy, making them return to their base to regen and not get the XP they needed.

Once you have one or two core items, you can now freely rotate to different lanes. You have damage and mobility, so you can constantly chase them and get a valuable kill.

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#2. Support Tips

As support, your only job is to move along with your core, always guard and protect for possible ganks. Mathilda’s second skill is a great way to give your core and teammates an additional shield and movement speed every time you use it.

Mathilda Best Emblem Set

Here are the top three recommended emblem sets for Mathilda:

Mage Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Mage Emblem, here’s the recommended sub-talent point distribution:

+ 3 points on Agility – it will increase your Movement Speed by 2% per level.

+ 3 points on Observation – it will increase your Magic PEN by 2 per level.

Choose Mystery Shop for the Talent to reduce item costs by 10%.

Tank Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Tank Emblem, here’s the recommended sub-talent point distribution:

+ 3 points on Vitality – it will increase your HP by 65 per level.

+ 3 points on Inspire – will increase your CD by 2% per level.

Choose Brave Smite for the Talent to gain 5% MAX HP every time you CC an enemy.

Support Emblem

If you’ve already maxed out the Support Emblem, here’s the recommended sub-talent point distribution:

+ 3 points on Agility – it will increase your Movement Speed by 2% per level.

+ 3 points on Recovery – will increase your Physical PEN by 5 per level.

Choose Avarice for the Talent to gain extra gold every time you damage an enemy.

Battle Spell


Flicker is the best battle spell for Mathilda to have extra repositioning and mobility after every clash initiation.

How to use Mathilda Combo

Using Mathilda’s combo is all about timing. It will take a lot of practice and a sense of timing to properly execute her combo.

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