Nintendo Switch Pikachu and Eevee Edition


Not all of you may remember the Game Boy, released back in 1989.

Well, I do, and to be quite frank, I still have it, buried in a box. I still tend to dig it back up and play a couple of games on it from time to time. But my favourite so far has always remained to be Pokemon Yellow – a bit dodgy, perhaps you might say. Indeed there have been a lot of advancements in graphics since then.

You can imagine the surge of joy I felt when Nintendo announced a new limited-edition version that will appear on the market this November.

This new edition, Nintendo Switch Pikachu & Eevee edition, borrows features from Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Go, only for the retail price of $400!

Brilliantly though, the manufacturers managed to add a lot of character to the Joy-Con, issuing them in colours just like those of Pikachu and Eevee themselves; brown and yellow. We must not forget to mention that their silhouette, together with Poke Balls, is also drawn on the back of the Switch console.

This package does not only consist of the Nintendo Switch but also a pre-installed digital version of Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu, Pokemon; Let’s Go Eevee and a Poke Ball Plus accessory – an accessory as small as the palm of your hands which you can strap around your wrist or hold in your hands.

Thanks to the technology of motion control capability, this accessory will allow us to move, navigate and even engage in battle with the swift movement of the hand! You can carry an adventure with you, lighting up and vibrating with each Pokemon that you catch! What could make it more real than this?

All this being said, the Poke Ball Plus is only the beginning. During a press conference held in Japan, it was hinted that the upcoming Pokemon games would be more focused on handheld devices and accessories!

If any Pokemon Go fans are reading this, I do have more good news for you as well, believe it or not. This version will have another feature that will allow us to transfer the Pokemon from Pokemon Go to the Nintendo Switch Pikachu and Eevee Edition and vice versa. However, this option won’t be available throughout the game – it will only be possible to do this freely and as regularly as you wish from halfway through the game and onwards.

It has also been revealed that some rewards can be gained if Pokemon Let’s Go, and Pokemon Go are linked together via Bluetooth. Regarding the game logistics, there will not be the possibility to engage in wild Pokemon battles, but there will still be the option of duelling with multiple trainers. Moreover, just like in Pokemon Go, the possibility of evolving the characters will be amiss.

The only disappointment I have in respect to this new edition is the fact that for some reason or another, it will not be equipped with any features that will support cloud saves, but I dare say it’s something that I will have to overlook.

I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on one!

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