How to use Odette ML: Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem

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Odette, the Swan Princess, is a charming mage hero in Mobile Legends. Hailing from the enchanted Land of Dawn, she wields the power of lakes and swans, specializing in area-of-effect magic damage and crowd control. Odette is a moderately difficult hero to learn. While her skills are relatively straightforward, mastering her positioning and timing is crucial to maximize her effectiveness in team fights. She shines for her sustained damage output, ability to control entire areas of the battlefield, and her powerful ultimate that can devastate clumped-up enemies.

Odette ML Skills

Odette Mobile Legends skill list: Lakeshore Ambience, Avian Authority, Blue Nova, Swan Song

Passive: Lakeshore Ambience

After using a skill, Odette’s next basic attack or skill will release a sound wave that bounces between enemies, dealing reduced damage. This allows her to poke multiple enemies at once.

First Skill: Avian Authority

Odette releases a magic swan in a designated direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit and slowing them for a short duration.

Second Skill: Blue Nova

Odette releases a pair of magic energy spheres that expand, briefly immobilizing enemies hit on the outer edge and dealing damage.

Ultimate: Swan Song

Odette begins channelling a powerful song. After a short delay, her area deals continuous magic damage and significantly slows enemies caught within its range.

Note: This is a channelled skill and will be interrupted if you move or get stunned.

Odette ML Combo

Before doing this Odette combo, activate her passive effect first by using the first and second skills for maximum magical damage.

Basic combo: Skill 2 → Skill 1 → Ultimate → Ultimate Dash in or out → Flicker (optional)

Odette ML Build

Best Odette item build Mobile Legends: Arcane Boots, Clock of Destiny, Holy Crystal, Genius Wand, Glowing Wand, Blood Wings

This Odette build prioritizes sky-high magic damage and good late-game survivability. Arcane Boots and Clock of Destiny provide early magic penetration and cooldown reduction. Holy Crystal and Genius Wand drastically boost her damage, letting her melt through enemy defences. Glowing Wand adds health, movement speed, and a burn effect to her spells, while Blood Wings massively increases her magic power and HP, making her surprisingly durable for a mage. This build turns Odette into an area-of-effect magic damage powerhouse, able to obliterate enemy teams while staying alive in the chaos.

The best item build for Odette in Mobile Legends

  • Arcane Boots
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Holy Crystal
  • Genius Wand
  • Glowing Wand
  • Blood Wings
Odette emblem build, Mobile Legends: Mage talent with Agility, Weapons Master, Lethal Ignition

Custom Mage Emblem

  • Agility: Increases movement speed, crucial for Odette. Her lack of natural escapes makes positioning extremely important, and this helps her reposition quickly.
  • Weapons Master: Provides a flat boost to physical attack, but more importantly, it enhances Odette’s basic attacks after using a skill due to her passive (Lakeshore Ambience). This grants her more consistent poke damage.
  • Lethal Ignition: Triggers a powerful burning effect whenever Odette uses a skill. This adds a lot of extra damage to her combos and area-of-effect spells, giving her much-needed finishing potential.

Odette Laning Phase & Gameplay Strategy

When laning early game in the middle, one of the first items you need to buy is the Magic Necklace to keep your mana sustained while spamming your first skill to clear the wave fast. Once you have the gold, buy Arcane Boots and Clock of Destiny for your first core item. This item helps you gain extra magic power and HP that is perfect when using your ultimate.

After getting this first core item, you can now roam the map to get kills. You can do this by going along with your tank or fighter and letting them do the setup, and you just need to follow up to burst down the enemies.

Wait for your enemies to use all their crowd control abilities first before using your ultimate to avoid getting cancelled. You can use Flicker to reposition the usage of your ultimate to reach more enemies.

Battle Spell

Mobile Legends Flicker icon, recommended battle spell for Odette


Flicker allows for aggressive and creative Odette plays by manipulating positioning during her ultimate. While risky, using Flicker offensively to increase your damage output can be a thrilling and high-impact strategy for skilled players.


Odette is a solid mage to use especially if you have a lineup with a lot of stun setups like Tigreal and Atlas that complements well with her ultimate. Since Odette uses a channelled ability, she’s not an ideal mage to use when you’re fighting against several crowd-control enemies.

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