Why Tamago is the Best Streaming App for Gamers


Today will mark a change in your life, as today is the day when you found out why Tamago is the best streaming app to use for gamers.

So you want to become a pro gamer, well you will need to put yourself out there first. The best way to do this is to live stream your games. There are a host of apps out there now that will let you do this, but I have found Tamago to be one of the best at what it does.

What is Tamago?

Tamago is the brainchild of the leading Chinese eSports platform Huomao and Astro. Tamago allows you to stream your eSports adventures and chat in real-time with people from all around the world. Admittedly they started in South East Asia and have concentrated there, but now like many live streaming options, they are expanding and expanding fast.

Like many people, including myself, you will have watched this rise of live streaming games and decided that being a pro gamer seems a way more fun way to make a living than stacking shelves. Well, no one can blame you there. So your most important question for Tamago is how do I use it to make money.

Everyone wants to get paid

On Tamago, you have two ways to be paid for your streaming. The first is that Tamago will pay you to live stream. The best performing users will receive a higher payoff than those that are just starting. If you reach the high paying positions, you will be expected to provide Tamago with a certain number of hours of streaming per month.

The other way to get paid is by viewers gifting you. The little present box in the bottom right of the screen is the way that you do this. The better the quality of your stream the more you are likely to get gifts from your viewers. This is a brilliantly direct way to get paid for your work, immediate feedback on how well you are engaging with people from all over the world.

This way of being directly paid is a great idea, it is something that you can not get on Youtube, so it brings you closer to the people watching. It allows you to build a connection with your fans and a direct connection with fans is the best way to create a fan base and make sure that you can make your dreams reality.

Exclusive content

As well as trying to build yourself up you can watch exclusive content from the greatest of players from the Dota 2 Majors and Minors. There is even a reality TV show for you to while away your life with. All of this combined builds to make Tomago a formidable new entrant to the live streaming market.

All of this would count for nothing though if Tamago was an elaborate system to use. It isn’t. It is straightforward to set up and get yourself going with the minimum of fuss. This is because a lot of its users are using it as a new social media and not to sell their gaming skills. Given that they are in their ascendancy now would be the time to jump on board.

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