Alice ML Best Item Build, Spell, Emblem, Strategy Guide


Alice is the Queen of Blood of the Abyss who siphons the blood of her enemies which increases her life and energy and makes her a cunning and sinister Blood Demon Queen.

This article will teach you how to use Alice MLBB, the best item build, battle spell, emblem, and strategy in this current patch.

Alice ML Skills

Passive: Blood Ancestry

Alice can absorb a blood orb whenever a minion dies around her. It can permanently increase her Max HP by 10 and restore her 50 Mana. She will also permanently gain a 10% CDr/15% Shield received and HP/40 Movement speed, respectively after absorbing 12-50 blood orbs.

First Skill: Flowing Blood

Alice throws a ball of blood energy in a target direction dealing Magic Damage to enemies in its path.

Use Again: Immediately teleport to the blood energy’s location.

Second Skill: Blood Awe

Alice releases her blood to nearby enemies dealing Magic damage, stunning and slowing them for 0.8 seconds.

Ultimate: Blood Ode

Alice turns into a vampire state, continuously consuming mana and dealing Magic Damage to surrounding enemies. She also recovers her HP every time she damages an enemy.

Alice ML Build 2024

Mage Build

  • Magic Shoes
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Enchanted Talisman
  • Lightning Truncheon
  • Holy Crystal
  • Glowing Wand

Spare Equipment:

  • Necklace of Endurance
  • Winter Truncheon
Alice ML Mage Build

Tank Build

  • Demon shoes
  • Clock of Destiny
  • Cursed Helmet
  • Dominance Ice
  • Athena’s Shield
  • Glowing Wand

Spare Equipment:

  • Concentrated Energy
  • Oracle
Alice ML Tank Build

Best New Emblem Set Build for Alice

Basic Common Emblem

  • Agility – Gain 5% extra movement speed.
  • Bargain Hunter –  Equipment can be purchased at 95% of its base price.
  • Impure Rage – Dealing damage with skills deals extra adaptive damage (scales with level) and restores 2% mana on hit. If the hero does not use mana, restores 1% HP instead.

Best Battle Spell for Alice


Use Flicker for extra mobility for chasing and fleeing.


Use Vengeance if you’re going to be a mage tank build and love to dive always in a clash.


Use Purify if you’re playing against tons of crowd control skills.

Alice Gameplay Tips and Strategy

Mid Laner

  • Clear the wave as fast as your can and make sure that you get all the last hits and orbs.
  • Rotate on gold and exp lane or help whichever lane is at a disadvantage.
  • After helping other lanes, go back to the mid-lane and get ready for the turtle objective.
  • You can kite and zone out enemies by spamming Skill 1 and Skill 2 to make it easier for your jungle/core to kill the turtle.

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EXP Lane

  • Harass the enemy by spamming your first skill to keep their health low so it’s easier for the jungle to kill the enemy if they’re going to rotate to your lane. It’s also nice to delay your enemy’s XP by making them go back to their base always.
  • If you’re laning against a strong offlaner, just try to sustain the lane, and get the XP and orbs if possible.
  • Don’t stay in your lane for too long. Always team up with your allies if they’re going to get objectives.


  • Your ultimate will drain your mana quickly if you don’t know how to toggle it.
  • Take advantage of your mobility and damage in the early game to poke enemies
  • Use first skill to last hit minions and poke enemies
  • Last-hitting minions will help you stack blood orbs much faster


Alice is the best tank mage that you can use in Mobile Legends because of her high mobility skills and tanky stats. She has a combination of great sustained damage, mobility, and lifesteal that can be really a headache in the late game but can still be susceptible if she got heavily kited with crowd control skills and got out of mana.

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