Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.20 Notes: Revamps, Buffs, Nerfs, Update


In this Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.20, the designers and developers focused on balancing OP heroes in this current meta such as Beatrix, Wanwan, Valentina Natalia and Yin; they also optimised less popular heroes and make proper adjustments to overperforming heroes and specific battlefield mechanics.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.20 New and Revamped Heroes

Developers redesigned Lesley’s and Gusion’s looks and revamped their models, animations, and visual effects. The overall quality is greatly upgraded.

Revamped Hero: Deadly Sniper – Lesley


  • Base Attack: 131 >> 140
  • Attack Growth 9 >> 7
  • Attack Speed Ratio: 100% >> 80%

Passive (Lethal Shot)

  • Lethal Shot crits now deal True Damage but the base Crit Damage is reduced. Each point of fixed Physical Penetration is converted into Crit Damage at a set ratio.
  • Damage: 120% Physical Attack >> 110% Physical Attack.
  • Fixed an issue where some equipment could not get bonus Crit Chance from this skill.

Skill 1 (Master of Camouflage)

  • Comes with brand-new textures while Camouflaged to better fit the effect, and also improved for smoother combos with Basic Attacks.
  • Extra Physical Attack: 75-200 >> 85-135
  • Fixed an issue where some equipment could not get bonus Attack from this skill.

Skill 2 (Tactical Grenade)

  • Slightly increases the casting range, redesigned the animation and visual effects, and optimised its combos with Basic Attacks and Skill 1.

Ultimate (Ultimate Snipe)

  • Redesigned the indicator and visual effects.
  • Fatal Bullet’s Base Damge: 200-300 >> 250-350
  • New Passive Effect: Gains Critical Chance based on the skill level (5%-15%)

Revamped Hero: Holy Blade – Gusion

Passive (Dagger Specialist)

  • Adjusted the effect so it’s now triggered on each skill cast and can stack up to 4 times. The basic attack strengthening effect increases with the stack count.
  • HP Regen: 80% of his damage >> 50 per stack + 25% Magic Power (up to 4 stacks)
  • Fixed an issue where enhanced Basic Attacks could not triggered in certain situations.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.08 Hero Adjustments

Beatrix (Nerfed)

Basic Attack [All Weapons] (Adjusted)

  • Reloading time slightly increased.
  • Reloading time now decreases greatly as Attack Speed increases.

[Renner (Sniper Rifle)] (Nerfed)

  • Damage: 350-525% Physical Attack >> 365-400% Physical Attack
  • Hitbox increased to 1.5 times the original.
  • You can now swipe to get the skill indicator while she’s reloading (indicator is red while reloading).

[Wesker (Shotgun)] (Nerfed)

  • Damage: 125-195% Physical Attack >> 150%-220% Physical Attack
  • Hitbox Width: Reduced to 75% initial hitbox width.
  • Damage of Successive Hits: Each decays by 70% until the damage reaches to 40% initial damage >> each deals 25% initial damage. (The total damage she can make at close distance is greatly reduced, and she must be fairly close to hit with multiple hits. This prevents Wesker from producing too high damage at close distances.)

[Bennett (Grenade Gun)] (Buffed)

  • Damage: 180-320% Physical Attack >> 230-300% Physical Attack
  • Slow Effect: 30% >> 40%

[Nibiru (Submachine Gun)] (Buffed)

  • Damage: 50-67.5% Physical Attack >> 52.5-70% Physical Attack

[Ultimate] (Nerfed)

[Renner (Sniper Rifle)] (Nerfed)
  • Aim time: 20s >> 8s
  • Lifesteal: 50% >> 25%
  • Canceling a cast only loses 50% Cooldown.
[Wesker (Shotgun)] (Nerfed)
  • Damage: 295-445 + 110% Physical Attack >> 350-550 +130% Physical attack
  • Hitbox Width: Reduced to 75% initial hitbox width.
  • Damage of Successive HIts: 75%, 50% and 25% initial damage (remains at 25% for all the successive hits) >> Each deals 25% initial damage. (The total damage she can make at close distances is greatly reduced, and she must fairly close to hit with multiple hits.)
  • Lifesteal Gain: 50% >> 25%
[Bennett (Grenade Gun)] (Buffed)
  • Slow Effects: 30% >> 40%
[Nibiru (Submachine Gun)] (Nerfed)
  • Damage: 6 times >> 10 times
  • Damage per hit: 200-320 + 60% Physical Attack >> 130-210 + 40% Physical Attack
  • Damage per hit reduced by around 35% total damage increased by around 10%.

Wanwan (Nerfed)

Ultimate (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 40-34s >> 50-42s
  • Her ultimate can no longer be used on any target after breaking an enemy’s Weaknesses but must be used on that target.

Natalia (Nerfed)

Passive (Adjusted)

  • Removed slow effect
  • Silence Effect: Silences target for 1s after marking them twice >> Silences the target for 0.25s every time they are marked
  • [Conceal] Becomes exposed to a nearby enemy: 2s after that enemy moved into range >> 0.6s after the enemy moved into range.
  • Cannot be target by smart skill targeting or basic attacks.
  • Unified the range of different exclamation marks
  • Optimised skill description

Ultimate (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 2s (varies based on Cooldown Reduction) >> 3s (fixed)

Valentina (Nerfed)

Skill 1 (nerfed)

  • Terror Duration: 0.7s >> 0.6s

Ultimate (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 42s >> 55s
  • Valentina now gains the ability to hit enemies’ weaknesses after stealing Wanwan’s ultimate and needs to hit all three weaknesses of an enemy to cast the Ultimate.
  • Valentina now unlcose the Rage mechanic after stealing Minotaur’s Ultimate and needs to reach maximum Rage to cast the enhanced Ultimate.
  • Damage of the Ultimate stolen from X.Borg is now the same as the lower damage when X.Borg’s Firaga Armor is destroyed, instead of that when his Firaga Armor is active.

Yin (Nerfed)

Increased the delay before Yin can pull his target into his domain so they may more time to reposition themselves or move away from Yin. This will also help them keep their distance from Yin when they’re sent out of the domain.

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Cooldown: 11-8s >> 10.-7s

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Damage Reduction: 25% >> 30%

Ultimate (Nerfed)

  • Increased the delay before the target’s actually pulled into the domain.

Faramis (Nerfed)

Skill 1 (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 15s >> 18s

Skill 2 (Nerfed)

  • Intital Damage: 330-480 + Magic Power >> 300-450 + 108% Magic Power

UItimate (Nerfed)

  • Base Extra HP: 700-900 + 15% HP >> 600-800 + 10% HP

Johnson (Nerfed)

To form the double-ultimate combo, Johnson had to spend a lot of time circling the battlefield, which led to a poor gameplay experience. The chain control from double Ultimate casts also makes it difficult for the enemies to react.

Here are the adjustment/s:

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • Cooldown: 45-40s (calculated after the skill is cast) >> 36-30s (calculated after the skill ends)

Alice (Buffed)

Alice’s attributes and role make it hard for her to settle on a build. We’d like to strengthen her role as a tanky mage and promote the mechanic around her blood orbs. Compared to Magic Power, Alice will now benefit more from equipment featuring Mana and durability. They’ve also update Alice’s default recommended gear.

Attributes (Nerfed)

  • New Effect: 2 blood orbs will appear when enemy heroes die nearby. Alice can absorb the orbs, each of which can permanently increase her Max Mana by 20.
  • Effect Removed: Restores 50 Mana upon absorbing an orb.
  • For every 12 orbs absorbed, increase 10% CDR >> increases Mana Regen

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • Mana Cost: 40-80 >> 60-140
  • HP Regen: 60-80 + 20% Magic Power >> 60-100 + 10% Magic Power
  • Damage: 120-160 + 50% Magic Power >> 60-120 + 20% Magic Attacks + (0.5-1.5% + 0.5% per 1000 Max Mana) Max HP
  • Percent Damage dealt to non-hero units based on Max HP: Capped at 600

Minsitthar (Buffed)

Improved roaming and CC abilities.

Skill 2 (Nerfed)

  • Base Shield: 200-600 >> 350-600
  • Slightly increased bullet speed and hit box.

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • Now disables all Blink/Dash skills (e.g. Saber’s Utlimate, Wanwan’s Passive, Ruby’s Passive) of the affected enemies.

Moskov (Adjusted)

Skill 1 (Nerfed)

  • Attack Speed Boost: 1.4-1.7 Times >> 1.3-1.5 Times

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • 30% Slow for 1.5s (up to 90% Slow) >> 50% slow for 1s (up to 5s)
  • Cooldown: 45-35s >> 55-45s

Badang (Adjusted)

Skill 1 (Adjusted)

  • Charge: 13-10s >> 11-8s
  • Intital Attack’s Base Damage: 210-360 >> 160-260
  • Successive Attack’s Base Damage: 115-210 >> 120-195

Pharsa (Buffed)

Passive (Buffed)

  • Damage: 150 + 120% Magic Power >> (8% + 1% per 20 Magic Power) Max HP
  • Fixed an issue where Spiritual Unity could not benefit from Magic Power and Spell Vamp from equipment

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • Cooldown: 46-38s >> 42-34s

Valir (Buffed)

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Charge: 8.5s >> 9-7.5s

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Optimised casting of skills. The animation now matches whether or not the skill is successfully cast.

Bruno (Buffed)

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Bruno now gains 30% Extra movement speed for 0.5 seconds when his Powerball hits an enemy.

Fredrinn (Buffed)

Skill 1 (Buffed)

  • Slightly reduced cast backswing time.

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Fixed an issue where the dash would end as he hit an enemy behind him. (This will make the skill a more reliable escape tool.)

Ultimate (Buffed)

  • Greatly reduced cast backswing time.

Granger (Buffed)

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Basic Attack Damage Boost: 10-30% >> 25-40%

Lapu-Lapu (Buffed)

Ultimate [Enhanced] (Buffed)

  • First Two Attack’s Damage: 300-450 + 140% Physical Attack >> 380-580 + 160% Physical Attack

Bane (Buffed)

Skill 2 (Buffed)

  • Base Damage: 200-400 >> 250-450
  • Base HP Regen: 160-285 >> 200-300

Jawhead (Buffed)

Passive (Buffed)

  • Damage: 125-220 + 25% Physical Attack > 150-250 + 30% Physical Atack

Julian (Nerfed)

Passive (Buffed)

  • All Skill’s cooldowns: 7s >> 10-6.5s (decrease as he levels up)

Masha (Nerfed)

Attribute (Nerfed)

  • HP Growth: 165 >> 145

Passive (Nerfed)

  • Physical Lifesteal at 2 HP Bars: 25% >> 15%
  • Physical Lifesteal at 1 HP bar: Total value remains unchanged.

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Fanny (Nerfed)

Attributes (Nerfed)

  • Base Physical Defense: 19 >> 16
  • Physical Attack Growth: 13.25 >> 10.25

Skill 2 (Adjusted)

  • Optimised the skill’s Camera Shift. The camera view will now correctly pan in the designated directions.

Aldous (Nerfed)

Attributes (Nerfed)

  • Base HP: 2718 >> 2668
  • HP Growth: 210 >> 190

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.20 Other Adjustments

  1. Optimised Gor’s Ultimate so its direction will no longer be changed by Knockback and Terror effects or Gord’s own Flicker cast.
  2. Optimised some heroes’ Basic Attack controls (Sun, Moskov, Zhask, etc.). Their attack speed will develop more smoothly if they build Attack Speed.
  3. Optimised the cast of Zhask’s Skill 2. Zhask will now cast laser when the Nightmaric Spawn does.

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