Everything You Need to Know About Summer Games Fest 2024

This one is going to be unskippable
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Summer is right around the corner and while we are all looking to warm weather, gamers should be excited for the upcoming Summer Games Festival beginning on June 27th at 2 PM PT and concluding on the 10th at 12 PM PT. Some say summer is all about spending time outside but maybe leave that until the festival ends. From games to developers to celebrity cameos the Summer Games Fest 2024 is going to be a treat!

June 7th – Opening Day

Summer Games Fest is no stranger to a grand start, just last year we saw in-depth showcases of Mortal Kombat 1, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Alan Wake 2 just to name a few. We even got an appearance of Nicholas Cage and this year’s Summer Games Fest opening day will once again have many heavy hitters in the gaming industry.

With the list of Capcom showcasing more of the brand new Monster Hunter Wilds, Nexon Games Co and a look at their new title The First Descendant as well as a bunch of other surprises rumoured to be making an appearance from the likes of Bethesda and Gearbox Software. Needless to say, fans of Fallout and Borderlands have their fingers crossed.

June 8th – Indie Showcase or Day of the Devs

Promotion for 'Women-led Games' Showcase

This next day promises to continue the excitement of the first with a full showcase dedicated to unique and interesting new indie games coming very soon to consoles and PCs. Day of the Devs also aims to provide a platform for developers of all shapes and sizes.

And to ensure the event is inclusive with a wider range of gamers. It has introduced the Latin American Games showcase bringing these developers closer to the mainstream as well as the Woman Led Games showcase which highlights female-led development teams and allows viewers to get in-depth discussions on their newest projects. There’s even a segment dedicated to wholesome games that inspire joy and optimism, easing us all nicely into summer.

June 9th – Xbox Showcase or Black Ops 6

Teaser for Black Ops 6 on the Xbox Game Pass

Since the discontinuation of E3, Summer Games Fest has been the hot spot for all things Xbox and this year’s showcase is set to show off many anticipated titles that have been in development for a while now. Long-awaited sequels like State of Decay 3, Gears of War 6 and Stalker 2 are rumoured to be revealed, but arguably the biggest announcement for a lot of gamers comes in the form of Call of Duty Black Ops 6 which was teased back in May. As expected this preview will most likely reveal elements of the story and set a release date for the game and a playable multiplayer beta.

Following up the Xbox and Black Ops 6 showcases is the PC Gaming Show which as the name implies will cater to anyone with a mouse and keyboard as it discusses the best of PC games.

June 10th – Ubisoft Forward

Assassin's Creed Shadows Banner

Capping off the vent on the final day is the Ubisoft Forward showcase which will deliver previews of future releases like the much anticipated Assassin’s Creed Shadows which was another game to be teased not too long ago.

Joining the long-running stealth franchise will be an in-depth look at Star Wars Outlaws. This will be Ubisoft’s first venture into the Star Wars universe and the showcase will go deeper into the gameplay and story of Outlaws.

Ubisoft also plans to discuss their live service games so expect to see future updates for games such as Rainbow Six Siege, The Crew Motorfest and Ubisoft’s latest shooter XDefiant.

Bring On the Indie Games

Summer Games Fest 2024 has something for everyone and this year it seems like the spotlight has definitely been given to the indie side of the industry more so than past events which is always good for helping new developers and ideas grow as well as helping gamers find new games to play.

The whole festival will be streamed live across every social platform you can think of so don’t worry about accidentally missing it. Be sure to come back in a few days when we’ll be discussing all of the hottest new games announced over the weekend.

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