Master Yi Build Wild Rift: Items, Runes, Leveling

A true master is an eternal student.

Master Yi is a beginner-friendly champion in Wild Rift who can deal insane amounts of damage per second. In this blog, we will discuss the recommended items build, runes, and levelling for Master Yi.

Who is Master Yi?

Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, is a melee assassin and fighter champion in Wild Rift. He is a master of the blade, and his skills allow him to move quickly, deal massive damage, and become untargetable.

Master Yi is a popular champion among both new and experienced players alike. He is relatively easy to play, but he can be very effective in the right hands. His ultimate ability, Highlander, gives him increased attack speed and damage reduction, making him a force to be reckoned with in late-game team fights.

However, Master Yi is not without his weaknesses. He is very squishy, and he has no crowd-control abilities. This means that he is vulnerable to being ganked and killed early in the game. Additionally, he is not very effective against teams that have a lot of crowd control.

Overall, Master Yi is a powerful and versatile champion who can be a great asset to any team. However, it is important to be aware of his weaknesses and to play him carefully.

Master Yi Wild Rift Item Build

The recommended item build for Master Yi in Wild Rift is as follows:

  • The Collector
  • Boots of Speed
  • Wit’s End
  • Nashor’s Tooth
  • Death’s Dance
  • Guardian Angel


The recommended rune build for Master Yi in Wild Rift is as follows:

  • Kraken Slayer. This rune provides bonus true damage on every third attack against a champion. This rune is very effective against tanky champions, as it allows the champion to deal more damage to them.
  • Triumph. This rune provides bonus healing and gold after they get a kill or assist. This rune is very effective for staying alive in team fights and for snowballing.
  • Last Stand. This rune provides bonus damage when they are below 30% health. This rune is very effective for dealing extra damage in late-game team fights.
  • Legend: Bloodline. This rune provides bonus life steal and omnivamp as they gain stacks by killing or assisting enemies. This rune is very effective for staying alive in team fights and for laning.
  • Overgrowth. This rune provides bonus health as the game progresses. This rune is very effective for becoming tankier in late-game team fights.
Master Yi Rune Build


The recommended leveling for Master Yi in Wild Rift is as follows:

  • Level 1: Start with Alpha Strike (Q).
  • Level 2: Take Wuju Style (E).
  • Level 3: Take Meditate (W).
  • Level 4: Take Alpha Strike (Q) again.
  • Level 5: Take Highlander (R).
  • Level 6: Upgrade Highlander (R).
  • Level 7-18: Maximize Alpha Strike (Q) first, followed by Wuju Style (E), and then Meditate (W). Upgrade Highlander (R) whenever possible.


The recommended spells to use for Master Yi in Wild Rift are:

  • Flash: Flash is a must-have spell on most champions, and it is especially useful on Master Yi. It allows him to escape ganks, chase down kills, and reposition himself in team fights.
  • Smite: Smite is a must-have spell for junglers, as it allows them to clear camps and secure objectives. Master Yi is a jungler, so Smite is the obvious choice for his second spell.
Master Yi Spells

Tips & Tricks

  • Focus on farming and getting items in the early game. Master Yi is a very item-dependent champion, so it is important to focus on farming and getting items in the early game. Avoid pushing lanes alone, as you are vulnerable to being ganked. Instead, focus on farming your jungle camps and ganking when the opportunity arises.
  • Use your Alpha Strike ability to dodge skillshots and reposition yourself in team fights. Alpha Strike is a great ability for dodging skillshots and repositioning yourself in team fights. You can also use it to engage on enemies or to escape from danger.\
Wild Cores Codashop
  • Use your Meditate ability to heal yourself and sustain yourself in team fights. Meditate is a great ability for healing yourself and sustaining yourself in team fights. It can also be used to remove crowd control effects from yourself.
  • Use your Highlander ability to flank the enemy team and take out their squishy champions. Highlander is Master Yi’s ultimate ability, and it makes him a force to be reckoned with in team fights. Use it to flank the enemy team and take out their squishy champions.
  • Be sure to stay behind your tanks and avoid getting caught out. Master Yi is a very squishy champion, so it is important to stay behind your tanks and avoid getting caught out. If you get caught out, you will be very easy to kill.
  • Focus on dealing damage to the enemy team’s carry champions. Master Yi’s goal in team fights is to deal damage to the enemy team’s carry champions. Use your Alpha Strike and Highlander abilities to flank the enemy team and take them out.

Master Yi Counters

Here is a list of counters for Master Yi in Wild Rift, along with an explanation of why they are effective:

  • Champions with crowd control (CC). Master Yi is very vulnerable to CC, as it can prevent him from using his abilities and dealing damage. Champions like Amumu, Malphite, Rammus, and Wukong all have powerful CC abilities that can be used to lock down Master Yi and make him easy to kill.
  • Tanks. Master Yi is a melee champion, so he needs to get close to his enemies to deal damage. Tanks like Shen, Malphite, and Rammus can easily peel for their team and protect them from Master Yi. Additionally, tanks have a lot of health and armour, which makes them difficult for Master Yi to kill.
  • Items that provide armour and health. Master Yi is a physical damage champion, so building armour and health items can make you much tankier against him. Items like Randuin’s Omen, Thornmail, and Dead Man’s Plate are all good options against Master Yi.

Here are some additional tips for countering Master Yi:

  • Avoid fighting him when he is alone: Master Yi is very powerful when he is alone, especially if he has his ultimate ability active. If you see Master Yi pushing a lane by himself, try to avoid fighting him. If you must fight him, make sure to bring your team with you.
  • Focus on locking him down with CC: If you can lock down Master Yi with CC, he will be unable to use his abilities and deal damage. This will give your team a chance to kill him or force him to retreat.
  • Build items that provide armour and health: If you are playing a squishy champion, it is important to build armour and health items to make yourself tankier against Master Yi. This will make it more difficult for him to kill you.

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