StackLeague 2022: Pioneer eSports for Programmers Announces First Weekly Rankings


The premier year-round coding eSports in the Philippines has just concluded its first week of intense competition.

Coders dashed through their keyboards to join the top ranks, thereby multiplying their take-home earnings by 50 percent.

The StackLeague Challenger Level-up seems to be rewarding the early birds in the race, reaching the Master Level Challenges meant to make them sweat and test their most exemplary abilities.

Week 01 Top Scorers

Leading the scoreboard for the Treasure Chest: Individual category is Mark Kevin Ong Yiu, with 4,510 points. He hails from Ateneo de Manila University. Being a BS Applied Math – Master in Data Science student definitely gave him an advantage.

Next in the lead is young coder Rae Gabriel Samonte, a graduate of Philippine Science High School – Bicol Region Campus with 4,373 points.

Raphael Joseph Montemayor is not far from the trail, also an Atenean, with 4,060 points.

For the Treasure Chest: Team Category, Doki Doki Coding Team leads the top three teams with 13,152 points, followed by Hack of All Trades with 12,315 points, and Can This Please Work with 11,970 points.

According to StackLeague’s blog, they will all receive limited-edition t-shirts which give them duly earned bragging rights.

We’ll see next week who stands their ground in the coding arena.

What’s the big deal with the points?

The players are basically in a marathon until the end of the year, where the top winners will bring home the bacon.

The competition will be tight, and slacking off can quickly leave you hanging down the road.

Star players are set to establish their dominance in four months for the Mid-Season All-Stars. They have four weeks until March 26 to earn weekly cash prizes.

As long as they have the fundamental skills for Algorithms, Control Structures, Data Structures, Error Handling, Parsing and Regex, Simple Expression, Standard Library Usage, and Object-Oriented Programming, they should do fine.

Participants can choose their preferred programming language: C#, JAVASCRIPT, JAVA, PYTHON, or PHP.

What to expect in the coming weeks

The successive league rankings update will arrive next week as competitors battle coding challenges.

There is more to expect as latecomers join the party and hustle to get their kickstart in the game.

Surely we’ll see them mind-wrestle and kick up some dust. Things will also get more interesting with the increasing prize pool.

How StackLeague empowers coders

It is not surprising that StackLeague has garnered the support of Microsoft, Amazon, Deltek, Coding Chiefs,, and other companies or groups. Together, they made an excellent platform for coders to improve themselves and showcase their skills.

The Philippines only stand to benefit from homegrown talents. Our growing economy needs competitions like this to boost competition among aspiring coders, inspiring them to strive harder in their craft. If you have what it takes to be the next great coder, sign up now, here.

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