Why Aspiring Developers Should Join StackLeague in 2022


StackLeague is the first-ever year-round programming league in the country that started in 2021. It started in May 2021 and is now in its 2nd year, opening a unique opportunity of learning and competing for all developers, regardless of their level.

What is StackLeague?

StackTrek Enterprise Inc. is a non-profit that helps connect developers to recruiters. One way of doing that is by organizing StackLeague, which is essentially a virtual training camp and coding arena in one.

StackLeague uses StackTrek’s own assessment and analytics platform in order to manage over 10 thousand participants. They solve problems through coding in order to earn points.

It started on February 22, 2022, but it is not late to join the experience.

Webinars and training with certificates are available as you trod in the tech talent universe of StackLeague.

How can I join StackLeague?

If you are a student, hobbyist, or professional, this is how to join StackLeague:

Step 1: Go to https://stackleague.com/.

Step 2: Tap on the Join Now or My Account button.

Step 3: Click Sign Up and provide your email address or simply proceed with your Facebook or Google Account.

That’s it! You can compete individually or with team members to gain ranking.

You can also invite more players and be a blogger in order to be a StackLeague Ambassador of the Month and get a PHP 3,000 cash prize plus merch.

There’s also an Ambassador of the Year award with a PHP 20,000 cash prize.

Is StackLeague for junior developers only?

No, StackLeague is open for all developers, whether you are a student, just starting in the field, or a fully-fledged professional.

You can compete as an individual or a part of a team, whichever works best for you.

Does StackLeague have a registration fee?

StackLeague is completely free. You just need to dedicate your time and problem-solving skills. You even get a chance to win a part of the PHP 10 million prize pool in weekly prizes and giveaways, aside from the final event.

Is StackLeague recognized by big brands?

Yes, StackLeague is recognized by CodingChiefs, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Amazon, Accenture, Jobstreet, and more as sponsors or league partners.

It is a perfect opportunity to garner exposure for tech companies and the coding community.

Is StackLeague a hackathon?

While both involve coding, StackLeague focuses on solving problems rather than creating a product.

In the context of time, StackLeague is more like a marathon rather than a sprint. You can prove and improve yourself during the duration of the competition with more than 30 events.

Does StackLeague have breakout rooms?

Kind of. There will be tech and career sessions on different dates and will feature key resource speakers in the tech industry.

StackLeague Season 2 is full of opportunities that you do not want to miss. You’re not late to join the party by signing up here.

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