Mobile Legends Skin: Starlight Skin March 2022


Here’s the list of must-have Mobile Legends Starlight Skin this March 2022. Beatrix’s “Space Agent” skin is the featured Starlight skin for this month.

Beatrix “Space Agent” Skin

This Starlight Space Agent Skin of Beatrix shows an intergalactic feel to her outfit. The skin gives a totally different look than a typical crop top and baggy military pants. Beatrix wears a slinky blue spacesuit and displays her three types of guns.

The skin features different new display animations that include effects when she uses her skill Masterful Gunner, Tactical Reposition, and calls her butler, Morgan.

Benedetta “Street Blow” Skin

Benedetta’s Street Blow skin sets a street gangster look from Japan. The skin shows a new hair colour and a smile threaded in her baggy shrug yellow jacket and partnered with a yellow longsword. The so-called Shadow Ranger assassin will show you how to take redemption through her blade.

Argus “Dark Draconic” Skin

This Argus Dark Draconic skin conveys a dark fallen dragon angel. The skin boasts an intricate reptile robe with a flaming eye dragon sword. The new effect shows when he casts his ultimate skill, Eternal Evil, as he spreads his bolting draconic wings.

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Zilong “Eastern Warrior” Skin

Eastern Warrior skin of Zilong is the most unadorned skin he owns. This look shows a typical Chinese warrior outfit with a fortress spear. The new effect shows when he casts his second skill, Spear Strike, and ultimate skill, Supreme Warrior, as his spear lights up with flame.

Valir “Dictator” Skin

This Valir’s Dictator skin portrays a military feel with his General suit. The skin gives him a robotic glove in his right hand, which he uses to play with his fire.

Don’t forget to top up diamonds to purchase a Starlight Skin for your favourite Mobile Legends hero!

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